Necromunda Van Saar pt 02

Necromunda Van Saar pt 02


In the interest of getting Necromunda played, I’ve started on the team of miniatures chosen by my son, the “Van Saar”.


Test model. All systems go.

Back in July, I had a nearly finished test model (above) done. Bases were already done. Just needed to get him attached. Do highlights. Finish painting the cyber-braid/collar things and varnish. The hard part of choosing which colors to use was over though.

Yea, back in July. Isn’t it nice how honest, blogs will keep ya?! Well, I did some stuff for Azazel’s August Technical Challenge, then I hit a painting slump, and coming out of that I finished up my Blood Bowl Dwarf team. Somewhere in there I worked through three more Van Saar gangers off and on.
Main Attraction

Let’s get to the photos!

Note: If you’re having trouble viewing the images, please let me know. Last time around I used the new editor, and apparently the images ended up too large on some mobile devices. I switched back to the Classic editor, and just uploaded the files as I used to, so hopefully they work just like they did in the past. Heck, if the images work just fine for you, you could let me know that too. 😉





Not too much to add beyond what I posted last time in Necromunda – Van Saar pt 1. I tried a darker color for the under armor, as the original under armor was too bright and I had to add several washes to darken it. After the test, I couldn’t definitely say I liked the new color any better. So my plan now is to do a mix of both.

Of course, you can now see the highlights on the test figure too, as well as the rest of the group. Pretty basic stuff, and I’ll likely add a paints list once I finish up the gang. I used the brightest Citadel colors I could find to add the ‘light accents’ (gun LEDs, eye lenses, buttons). After Dull Cote, I hit them with an additional coat of Ardcoat or Future to brighten them up. The gun LEDs are painted in different colors to help differentiate the guns. Some are obvious, but there are two that you would have to look at closely to tell the difference (red vs blue guns). They have different in-game effects, so I wanted to make that more apparent.

Four down, and two to go if I want to make another 6 person gang, like the Goliaths I did. Since then I’ve been eagerly devouring Pete S/P’s Necromunda  Campaign posts. I’ve been learning quite a bit from those, and it sounds like I might need more than just 6 minis for a gang. I think we can probably safely start out with six, but will likely want more in the near future. Which makes me think, I might try to tackle four at a time on my next go. Since there are typically two similar models in each box, an even number makes more sense. Will see how that goes.

Wrap Up

About halfway there …

Here ya go, Azazel!


I should be getting really excited about the possibility of playing a real honest to goodness Necromunda game, but that feeling hasn’t really sunk in yet. I know that these Van Saar gangers take me a crazy amount of time, so that could be part of it. Also I have been flip flopping between different projects. After the long painting slump, I’m just rolling with this, as I want to keep momentum going. As long as I’m working on minis, I’m not going to chastise myself for not painting up anything specific. It will all come in time.

What’s next?! Well, the niece (and family) is coming to visit in a couple weeks. That means a couple things. One, I’m trying to scramble to get some stuff painted so we can play some miniatures games. Right now that is a bit of Blitz Bowl. The Dwarves got finished up, and I have a painted Humans team from Ebay that will certainly do. In the meantime I want to get another team or two done. Two, I won’t have much painting time when they come to visit. But the chance to play some games, will hopefully offset that.

I spent a chunk of time prepping, assembling, and priming the Escher gang. In vain hopes that I can get them “playable”. Given that most are in sub-assembled 4+ parts….”playable” will be tough. I’ve blue-tacked stuff before, just so the son and I can play some Blood Bowl, but it’s not great. Will see. Hopefully Blitz Bowl teams will come together fast and I can MacGyver something together for Necromunda. If anything good comes out of that, I’ll share here or maybe do up a game post.

Wishing you all the best in your own projects!

25 thoughts on “Necromunda Van Saar pt 02

  1. Nice! The purple on the “ponytails” and other wiring really helps give them a bit more interest than just the basic suit. Also, it might just be because I re-watched Deadpool 2 last night, but the two without helmets, that head is really making them look like Cable to me. He probably would fit in to Van Saar best of any of the gangs, come to think of it.

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    1. Hey now, the helmet less guys are not racists! I mean, not Cable! 😉

      Thanks Alexis. I’m still not sure how crazy I am about the purple, but it’s good to know people think it turned out okay.

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    1. Thanks Pete S/P!! I’ve heard of yaktribe, looked at it once, but should crack on with it. Right now the plan is to make individual ganger cards, take shots of the mini and digitally embed those so it’s easy to tell who’s who. I know there’s a lot more record-keeping in managing the whole gang and I’m sure that’s where yak tribe will come in handy. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Those are looking really nice, love how much work you’ve put into all the details. You may have been working on them longer than you planned but the extra effort has definitely paid off.
    Good shout using the different spot colours to differentiate the guns, consider that idea looted!
    The pictures look fine on my phone (and my desktop for that matter!). Tried using the new editor myself the other day and thought it was an abomination, what the hell is wrong with the existing one that means it needs to be replaced with this horror?

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    1. Thanks Wudugast!

      Editor – I’m okay with the new one. The blocks are a little unnecessary, but I do like the new way to edit and resize photos. Though if that means no one can view the photos…BAH! The other flaw with the new editor, is there is no way to copy posts. Yep, other than that, just spiffy, haha!

      It’s funny, I feel like I’m putting in less detail as I progress. Not painting wise, but in the actual miniature work. The new basing solution is a tad easier than what I was doing. I’m skipping magnets as much as possible. I’m also looking into doing less sub-assembly. I guess in a way, I’m just figuring it all out as I go and it will end up giving me more time to paint. Speaking of paint, I found myself really missing it when I took 2 ‘days off’ to prep/assemble the Eschers. Not that I didn’t enjoy that, but I just felt this compulsion that I really need to get back to painting. Maybe it’s the fear that I lose interest in painting again, and had to keep at it. Like the spot colors on the guns, huh? Steal away! 🙂

      I still really like what you did with painting the gun tips too. That’s been in the back of my mind when assembling the Eschers. Don’t know if I’ll use it, but would be pretty cool on the plasma pistol.

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    1. Thanks JNV! Yep, always love it when the niece comes down and we get some 3 player games in. Even more fun if we can play a game with the whole family, but it’s hard to talk the Wife into that.

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    1. Thanks BtH, glad to hear it! Guess I stick with the Classic editor until they force me otherwise. I don’t know if there is a way to switch the Dwarf and other post over, but I might look at the code if I catch a break from work.

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  3. Love the colors on these, especially the purple. Really pops. I can see the pics fine, and I have not chosen the new editor myself. Took me long enough to figure the old one out!

    Nice work and hope you have many great games Faust!

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  4. Well done with the pictures and the paint work is top notch. The Vans are the only gang I haven’t purchased. I was close to but bought an extra box of Orlocks instead. I’m going to pick up the new Delaque tomorrow

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    1. Thanks mate! The one nice thing on the Van Saar, is that their arms end in essentially ball joints. Makes it really easy to switch out arms. If you pick them up eventually, I’ll definitely be interested to see what you turn them into.

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  5. Images all look fine to me, on my desktop. The contents of the photos look pretty good to me as well! Any further progress on the VS since then?
    Also, my Blitz Bowl arrived today! Now I guess I really have to squeeze some BB minis into the queue!

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. Not much progress on the VS. I got a bunch of minis ‘game ready’ before family visited. So two more of them, about half done. I’ll be trying to get a post together about gaming and Blitz Bowl, this week.

      Good luck on getting the BB minis painted, Blitz Bowl is definitely growing on me.

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