Old Mini Monday 28

Old Mini Monday 28


A series of posts featuring old minis I can scrounge up (previously my brother’s very nice mini collection was the focal point), and an aside to ponder about when I think of something.

Oh yea, you thought I was done, huh?!






The one on the left is from one of the HeroQuest boardgames. The skeleton on the right, I have no idea. It had a sword at one point, but seems to have lost its point.

Paints – yes, I am free to rant, rave, and laugh at the paints on these, because they were done by me. Actually, my brother and I argued over who painted the HeroQuest one, because I didn’t recall it. So I guess it was me. I kinda had some idea about shading, tried to freehand a stone pattern on the base. Much like I did with the Mind Flayer from awhile ago:

Woohoo, cobblestone base!

Not too successful on either front. I apparently didn’t employ or know about washes. This could have been around the time that a friend of ours showed us the washing technique, by drowning a mini in the stuff. Which can end up looking rather ugly. Funny now that I think about it, the “dip technique” is supposed to save a lot of time, but really washing is one of the quickest things for me to do. If you don’t want too strong of a wash look, then thinning the wash goes a long ways.

If I was partial to the HeroQuest mini, I’d probably strip him down and start over, but it doesn’t really speak to me. I think I even tried to give it back to my brother, haha.


So this is my main excuse for the post this week. I kind of miss blogging and thoughts are brewing in my head that want to leak out into the blogosphere. I’m still working through my minis projects, but hobby time will be tight with the holiday coming up.

Getting into the hobby?

We might have touched on this one before, but it just sparked in my head once again while reading Wudugast’s post about terrain boards. He mentioned how interested he was when seeing terrain boards initially. Which reminded me about my own journey into gaming miniatures. I had overheard some kids playing D&D at my school library and was really intrigued by these crazy terms they were using and couldn’t help but eavesdrop. As fate would have it, we moved soon after that initial exposure.

But then a friend of my new Stepdad, turned out to be a gamer too. He collected Tolkien Fantasy miniatures and told us about gaming tables. I think we must have seen some pictures or he brought over some bits, as I have some vague visuals in my head. I think he also suggested starting out with D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). My Mom bought us the game and we also got a box of miniatures and some paints. Which would pretty much take over my life for the longest time. We didn’t have a computer, so we used our imagination to make stories and play out the characters we created.

There was some miniatures involved at times, mainly for combat logistics. But given my painting skills, they just weren’t that impressive or essential to our fun. Miniature painting would come and go as a passive hobby. I would occasionally see a mini and just get this urge to paint it. Usually because it tied into one of our games.

Miniatures seem to be much more essential to war-games than they were to my rpg/boardgame hobbies. I eventually saw an example of a Warhammer table (probably way smaller than what most of you have seen). It was interesting to me, but it didn’t have enough to suck me in. Still, I wanted to at least give war-games a try. So I made a few attempts, and it never stuck. I’ve pretty much given up on large scale war-games. Time, money, and appeal are just not there to reward me for the endeavor.

I would also pretty much give up on RPGs after awhile, as they take a huge time investment that we just didn’t have in our adult lives. So why spend the money on them?

With time being a factor, I started to drift more towards boardgames that take less time overall. Our homemade dungeon crawler became a fave. Eventually I would get into Blood Bowl and started to paint a team. Which lead to another team, and another. I also bought into some of the Mantic games, and made some attempts at painting them.

It’s kind of funny to look back at how this “Hobby of Painting Miniatures” road has zigged and zagged over time. Lots of games would get played along the way, and the will to incorporate minis into them always seemed to be there. Yet, the inspiration for much of this comes from war-games, which I’m just not into. Funny how it all works.

Curious to hear your stories about getting into the miniatures hobby and what attracts you all to painting little things.


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  1. A good post mate, why I got into wargaming, born in 66 so I suppose Airfix brought me into ‘toy soldiers’ I can still remember the awesome art on the boxes. My favourite still have to be the First World War 1/72 scale Royal Horse Artillery and Infantry sets. My first metal figures were Donnington 15mm Early Germans, which I still have, they took part in the HOTT tournament last weekend… I then progressed to 6mm Heroics and Ross 1943 Germans, my other mates had Russian and American. I bounced around various scales and periods even up to GW Warhammer. When I moved to Shetland I got rid of most of my miniatures and terrain, then went down the RPG route, I still love the RPG’s but am back into wargaming too. This covers 10,15 and 28mm scales covering both historical (various periods) and also fantasy and sci-fi.

    One of the things returning to wargaming means is that I have now bought two armies that I sold years ago as I missed them!

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    1. Oh man, the re-buy thing. I haven’t done that so much with minis. I always kept my paints, so at least I never had to buy those again. But comics/graphic novels and some rpg books, I have bought over and over again.

      Yea, part of me thinks if I had played in a different group, I might have picked up wargaming. I always leaned more towards the tactical/strategic side of games, where my friends were more about story. It was interesting, because we probably learned a bit from each other that way though.

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  2. Well, that’s made my Monday evening for me, having an Old Minis Monday post to read! A nice surprise and, for yourself, sounds like it was all an unexpected journey (could be a film title there)! Appreciate you sharing your experience.
    I seem to have trodden an opposite path to yourself, since I’ve played wargames since I was a kid. There was maybe a period of a couple of years after I got married that I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to find the time to keep it going, and wargame opponents came and went, but I’m still going strong! My dad started me off on wargaming, then he went on to paint 54mm figures, thought I should just do the same and wasn’t amused when I stuck to my wargaming!
    I’ve played the odd RPG but I don’t have the imagination for them. Did sci-fi gaming as a teenager before GW existed and we converted all our figures from plastic soldiers using plasticene! Did naval wargames as well, with ships scratchbuilt from card. Enjoyed all of it!
    Nowadays I think I go for smaller armies and projects, or at least periods/conflicts that can be broken down into small, manageable chunks and that I can leave and come back to! Just have to try and remember where I left off!

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    1. Awww, thanks JNV! Glad to hear you’re still going on strong on the gaming (and miniatures) front. I envy the skill and knowledge that a lot of wargamers have when it comes to miniatures. Especially buildings, vehicles, and dioramas. I don’t have much experience at all in those areas, and it’s so much trial and error!

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      1. If there’s something I’ve learnt from the blogs that I follow it’s that there are people who can paint figures and vehicles, kitbash, cast and convert minis, and make buildings and dioramas, much better than I can and I just love everything they do! I even know about orkz and Blood Bowl now! And washes! I’ve even bought some GW Nuln Oil! We’re all on a learning journey! My wife’s even managed to persuade me to drink red wine (hic)!

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        1. Hahaha, not too much wine…or at least don’t paint the minis afterwards! 😉

          Yea, I’ve learned a lot from fellow bloggers. Plus the lot of you inspire me to keep at it, which has helped quite a bit. Otherwise I’d probably still be painting close to the same level as that Heroquest figure!

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  3. Yep, had me fooled, there I was thinking no Mini Monday post and then one comes along! War gaming passed me by. Never really new about it and didn’t know anybody that played either. Toy soldiers of various scales were what I got into and then I saw some painted and was blown away. New that’s what I wanted to do and the rest as they say is history!

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    1. Thanks TIM! Yea, there will be some. Not as much, and not as regular, but some. Plus the odd post (like tomorrow), and once a year I’ll post about the mini I finished painting! 😉

      We have to get you into a mini game someday. I bet IRO (rhymes with Gyro) would be up for a game. Do you happen to play any computer games?

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      1. One day maybe. Not entirely sure it’s me though. Love the passion others show for it and reading the blogs on the subject but it’s still the figures which draw me in. Years ago I liked things like space invaders but after that I can say I lost my way. I don’t have the coordination. If you knew how long it takes me to type things for my blog you would understand! 😉

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        1. Tetris?

          Arcade games (like Space Invaders) and comics were likely a gateway into my games/miniature world too. There is definitely a part of me that loves to strategize. Not necessarily the winning aspect, but more like puzzle solving. I also like the stories that develop in gaming, either creating your own or taking part in one. I imagine it might be similar for you when painting minis, a story about them starts to develop in your mind as you build a diorama?

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  4. Just like a skeleton to fall apart like that 😉

    My first introduction to gaming with miniatures was D&D*, but it wasn’t until a friend got me into BattleTech that I really got going with it. From there, it was a pretty short hop to 40K, and the rest, as they say, is history. These days I find myself less and less often able to play full-on 40K games, so I’ve been getting much more into various smaller-scale systems. Less painting, quicker play time, less to transport, they can mostly be played sitting down so they’re easier on my back, lots of stuff like that. Shadespire is top of the list, but I’ve also been getting back into MtG, my brother and I have been playing through Silver Tower, and I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with Blackstone Fortress.

    *My introduction to wargaming actually came before that, with some book on the topic from the local library. My brother and I made a bunch of half-assed systems just with graph paper or hand drawn maps and handmade paper chits. Then our dad went to help his mom move into a smaller place, and came back with a bunch of stuff from when he was a kid, including a Starship Troopers game that was pretty cool, but involved enough that I don’t think we ever managed to actually finish a game.

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    1. Designing ones own games with graph paper, brings back memories. The first time I heard kids playing D&D, I ran home and tried to reconstruct the game from what bits I overheard and my memory. Wish I had that paper later on, bet it was hilarious. They also played a game called Snits Revenge one day, and I tried to remake that at home again, not knowing the rules whatsoever. Didn’t even know the name of the game, and it took me a good couple years to find that out.

      I wonder if most kids in the US, started with D&D rather than war games? Seemed to be the thing over here.

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      1. At the time (early 90s), D&D was a lot more accessible and a more mature system than 40K, so I think it was probably the more common entry point. 3rd through 5th Ed 40K were significantly more accessible than 2nd, while 4th Ed D&D seemed to rely on a kind of overwhelming number of supplements, so during whatever overlap there was between those two categories, 40K might well have been a more common starting place. I know almost nothing about 5th Ed D&D, so I really can’t speak to where things stand right now.

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        1. Hehe, I started in the 80s. But I hadn’t even heard of 40K for a long time, till the 90s I guess. I was living in Alaska at the time, so there was lots of stuff I didn’t know about. 😉

          As for D&D, they all eventually suffer from supplement hell. 1st Edition has DMs, Players, Unearthed, Wilderness Survival Guide, etc. Similar thing with 2E, and all the class based Handbooks. As kids we thought Basic was for babies, but then I ended up liking the simplicity of that system much more as I got older.


          1. 4th Ed D&D seemed to push the supplements even more than the others. Maybe it was just the naming conventions. When you’re used to *The* Player’s Handbook being one of the core books you absolutely have to have, and then you see that there are now like 5 Player’s Handbooks, it makes them seem a bit more essential than something like the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide, or even The Complete Fighter’s Handbook.

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            1. I played a little of 3 or 3.5E, but haven’t tried anything since. I’m curious about 5e. 3.x I really wasn’t crazy about, felt like we were trying to play an MMO with minis. Of course, a lot of the game has to do with how the DM handles things and how into it the players are. With a different group, who knows?


  5. Surprised me to see the mini Monday pop up but glad it did man. Isn’t the Skelly from Heroquest too? Azazel or Alex will know.

    Well I’ve confessed this before but it may have been before you started following me. I don’t know how to play warhammer 😕 I want to learn but 1. I’m not the most patient person in a lot of ways. When it comes to kids and friends and work I am though. 2. I get lost and a bit bored with allllllll the rules. 3. I don’t have anyone to ply with. Can you hear the violins?? Haha.
    I’ve wanted to learn since I was a teenager but what I need is a very patient mentor who can handle my nuttiness haha. A best mate of mine got into warhammer at one time but I was preoccupied with the band etc. Since then I’ve tried to get him back into it haha. I have another mate who humours me and comes by to play bastardised, simplified, summarised versions of warhammer which any proper player would laugh at. So I’ve thrown myself into the creative side of the hobby more than anything. My main band finished up at the end of 2014 and I knew I needed something to fill the void. My best mate/ex band mate suggested getting back into mini natures and starting a blog. That’s what I did and here I am. A sad tragic non-gamer tale I’m afraid haha. Thanks for sharing your story man it was interesting and has been interesting reading other bloggers stories too.

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    1. Thanks mate! Nope, the skeletons is definitely not a Heroquest mini. It’s metal, and the scale is not heroic by any measure. It’s more than likely a Ral Partha mini, but I was too lazy to look it up.

      Well, too bad you didn’t grow up around us. I taught my younger brother every game we played and usually got whatever neighborhood kids that were around to play with us too. I just wanted to play games, so anyone around got indoctrinated. I even tried to teach a few girlfriends. Hmm….maybe I should try to teach my Wife, haha!

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      1. I played one game with my wife and at the end she said she doesn’t understand why I like it so much haha. I never played any RPG games unless you include running around the backyard with my mates with toy guns.

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        1. Yea, I can barely get my wife to play a traditional boardgame. If I got her to play an RPG, she would probably just sit there and stare at me with those cute widdle eyes! ;D

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          1. Perhaps try an ongoing videogame where the (or one of the) objective(s) is to make a lot of money? Not being sarcastic here. A friend’s Vietnamese wife wasn’t interested in any games at all until he showed her how to play the auction house in World of Warcraft! Marouda also enjoys games like Dungeon! where the can run around slaughtering low level creatures and then end up winning the game with all the money she’s accumulated while dumbass here gets his arse kicked around by the high-risk, high-reward high-end mobs and loses everything. 😛

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    2. I have to say, I don’t recognise that mini. It looks like something from Ral Partha/Reaper/etc, but it ain’t Citadel. I haven’t played many games of new-40k – nor much at all since 3rd or 4th edition. Perhaps one day you’ll have to come over here and we’ll stumble through a couple of games of beginner-tier 8th edition, with all of the hardcore shit omitted or toned down while we figure it out.
      Like, basic forces – I’ve got close-enough-to-mirrored forces with the Iron Warriors and Minotaurs for a beginner’s “2-squads plus a character” game, as well as some slow expansions to that level, no psykers, no codex strategems, basic rulebook-tier stratagems, simple deployment rules, and use of Force Ratings rather than the much more granular points for everything.
      Just no baseball bat threat jokes, because they rub me the wrong way and tend to make me reach for my tonfa, my grandfather’s WWII machete or my war axe. 🙂

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      1. I warn you mate you’ll need the patience of a Jedi Master!! Haha. You’ll need to teach me the same way you’d teach an idiot savant haha. I’m going by the urban dictionary’s version too. I wear hats so there’ll be no jokes from me.

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  6. Cheers for the shout out mate. You know if you want to write blogs you don’t need models to show off right (nice though old models are) – just do some editorials. Once I thought of that it was almost impossible to get me to shut up!

    Anyway, how did I get into miniatures. Well, let me take you back over two decades to the mid-90’s when I was a mere whipper-snapper *camera does that wavey thing that lets us know we’ve got a flashback*… I must have been around about 10 or 12 and my parents dropped me off at a friend’s house so they could go out for the night. Their friends’ son was into Warhammer and Blood Bowl and he had a bunch of miniatures on a shelf in his room. After he’d shown them off (and I’d appropriately gushed over them because I thought they were downright amazing, I’d never seen or even heard of anything like that and my young mind was blown) he gave me one of his Skaven as a gift. I’ve still got it, and you can find a picture of it here; https://convertordie.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/leader-of-the-rats/

    Despite that I didn’t get into miniatures properly until I was in my late teens, when a good mate started advertising 40k at me in an effort to sell me his Necron army (he didn’t succeed but the seed was planted and has continued to germinate ever since). Like IRO however I’ve never played Warhammer or 40k beyond a few practice games ever edition or so, and for exactly the same reasons as he describes. My mates who’re into miniatures (which is only a small number of them) all live a long way away so for me it’s pretty much all about the painting and modelling. I’m getting to grips with playing Necromunda though so I may not be a purely non-gamer forever!

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    1. Oh yea, sometimes I’ll post something without the minis. Haha, sometimes quite often, with the Tool Tips string I did. I just find it a bit more fun to tie it in with an old mini or something relevant even.

      Great story man. I gave away a mini to a girl who was visiting us once. Not sure if she ended up painting it. Makes me think that ‘Giving minis away’ should be a thing. Probably even better if they are painted though. The few minis I have that other people painted, I tend to relish and love to look and see what they did.

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  7. My older brothers painted models. Traditional WWII-type planes and tanks and such, though one of them also had miniatures and D&D books and the like. Long story short, that influence took over my life and house!

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