Old Mini Monday 27 – Fantasy 17

Old Mini Monday 27 – Fantasy 17


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.


From Left to Right: ???? (Seriously, anyone know?!)





I can’t say we used these minis a lot in our games. Maybe as Lizardmen on occasion. They were also prone to falling over, and I don’t think either of us had though of tricks to fix that at the time.

These are the only two minis I recall seeing in the store, that were like Fantasy Football models. We didn’t even know what Blood Bowl was at the time, so this was totally alien to us. I think these are Ral Partha minis, and I had forgot to jot that down, but trying to find who made these and what game they are used for, has been a total mystery. Part of me would love to track them down to make an alternate team for Blood Bowl.

That’s all Folks!


Yes, indeedy! That’s the last of the minis that my brother had loaned me to share on the blog. I thank everyone for stopping by and commenting. I wish I had been able to snap better pictures of the minis, but that was my best setup at the time. It took many, many, many tries to just get that. But hey, I think I managed to get a post out every week, which is pretty nice.

What’s in the cards? Well, more mini painting, but we all know how slow I am at that. I do have some pics of minis that *I* painted from awhile ago, so Old Mini Monday may return as I gather pics and put them together for some posts. But it probably won’t be as frequent as every week, so things might slow down a bit on the site.

Hope you enjoyed the lot, I know I certainly had fun revisiting memory lane!

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed seeing these nostalgic miniatures from your brother’s cupboard. It really brings out how the modern miniatures have evolved into more 3d, multipart, dynamic sculpts.

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    1. Thanks Argentbadger! I’m sometimes torn between the two. Back then I had no idea that minis were ‘flat’ just because of limitations in casting, so they looked just fine to me. They were certainly easier to paint!

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    1. Thanks Wudugast! If only my brother had bought more minis, haha! People seem to like the tangents, so maybe I’ll time photos of old minis, with stuff to say then. 🙂

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  2. Ah, these I know well. They are not Blood Bowl, they play the game of Lurpa. They are reptiliad Lurpa players from RAFM in Canada.

    What is Lurpa? It’s like football/rugby, but the ball used is larger than the players are, and is made exclusively of Orc skin. Seriously. There are rules in “Battle Cry of the Reptiliads” which I own. They date from 1988. I have not played Lurpa but I do have a massive collection (well over 150) of other reptiliads awaiting painting and my finding a set of rules for fantasy battles that I like.

    Thanks for sharing and your tangents, really enjoyed them and the discussions you stimulated!

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    1. Thanks Mark, wouldn’t have been here without you!

      “Reptilliads” does ring a bell. Maybe saw it on the packaging. So there was just the one race in the game? Would really love to see the Reptilliads you have at some point. Certainly a unique find for us back then.

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        1. Thanks for the link! I was browsing it last night, but then the toddler demanded full attention. Company halt!

          The prices there are kind of crazy, 6 Reptilliad Pikemen for $9.95?? I thought the usual average was at least $3 per mini. Compared to $30 per mini from Forgeworld, it seems too unbelievable. What’s the catch?!

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      1. Yes I do air brush wise. My next work will be to complete the tank fleet for What a Tanker. I already made a dozen dashboards similar to what you saw in my blog at BARRAGE, except I used the tokens from Too Fat Lardies. Some tanks will require very little, others more. I will now have about 72 tanks! If I painted them all from scratch I’d lose months in time, so some will be just in need of weathering and varnish, others are full builds. But I can run games with what I now have.

        As for the Reptiliads, they will be done, and I might do one of the War Turtles for December’s challenge if it’s a centerpiece deal.

        I did a cursory look at KoW, and it’s my current

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          1. Dragon Rampant is (supposed to be) very good as well. I’ve got the rules and browsed them but not yet played. It’s a bit smaller scale and sort of semi-skirmish-ish as opposed to the big-block game that is KoW but you would be able to use the models in both, which to me is a nice advantage.
            72 tanks is a bloody lot of tanks. I’ve found that the road wheels and tracks is the real bastard in painting them, regardless of scale. It’s, like, a real turn-off. Man.
            I’ve got some Soviet tanks (T-34’s I think?) somewhere that got put aside a few years ago as they had two alternative turret types, and I worked out a very effective way to magnetise them (they were a non-magnet-friendly plastic kit). I got one done by building struts inside it as I put the things together, worked well on the first one. Then the whole lot of them got shoved inside a plastic tub, never to be seen again, apparently. I do have some KV-1s that are on the way, as well as some British Valentines, though…

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            1. I played Lion Rampant at BARRAGE and it was fun. The tanks I got are a mish mash of manufacturers but will allow me to get going, and I have magnetized a bunch (some I won’t ). I’m trying to mud and dust up some Soviet stuff and am close to done. Other stuff like Italian and German that arrived mostly painted just need some washes and varnish. And I found a Valentine II and an A12 on sale from FoW. So mechanical November is bigger for me!

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  3. These have been cool, kinda bummed to see them come to an end. No idea what those lizards were for, or where they’re from. Knock-off Models for a Blood Bowl Lizardmen team is all that comes to mind. I do really like the diving tackle pose on the second one, but wow, that needs a bigger base if they’re going to be doing poses like that. As bad as 2nd Ed Hormagaunts!

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      1. I didn’t refresh the tab before I commented, so, while your earlier comment wasn’t showing while I was typing, I did see it afterward. And the link actually did work, just not the image.

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    1. Thanks Alexis, if my brother had bought more minis, I’d have kept posting! 😉

      Mark A Morin identified the lizards as “Reptilliads” from Ral Partha. I guess they are a Fantasy Lizard/Snake race. Just so happened they made a ‘sports team’, to go along with the regular warrior offering. See Mark’s comment for a link.

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    1. Thanks man, it’s been fun! I’ll scrounge up what pics I have of my old stuff at some point, but it doesn’t really compare to what my brother pulled out of his closet. I tend to do clean sweeps of stuff, which he can’t be bothered with. Next tangent…Which is better, a dirty, disorganized house or one which is constantly cleaned out! Depends on your wallet and space I suppose!?!

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        1. I’ve actually done way better towards the end of last month and beginning of this one. It’s been hobby, hobby, hobby the last few nights. No video games, TV watching, or reading. Though I kinda miss that stuff, it’s also nice to just dive in and try to get these minis done.

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