Old Mini Monday 25 – Fantasy 15

Old Mini Monday 25 – Fantasy 15


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.


From Left to Right: Wendigo 627a, ?, Wendigo 627b






Every time I glance at this photo and see the two outer minis, I think Wookies. The model in the middle, I just couldn’t find, as there are a lot of Orc/Goblin/Hobgoblin minis out there. Maybe I’ll find it at a later date. It’s also way to easy to get sidetracked looking through the Lost Minis Wiki Site. I’ll find myself suddenly going “What was I looking for again?!”.

Tangent – Sorta

A few half-baked tangent ideas this week.

One was the topic of gender equality, and I’m not sure where my original question was going. I work in IT, and unfortunately there is a deficit of women in the field. I used to do hiring in my previous role, and the number of female applicants was far exceeded by the number of young male applicants. Even in my computer classes in college, there was not many females at all. In a Discrete Mathematics course I took, the first term was 3 females. The second term, was 2 females. The last term, 1. I can’ recall if she finished the course. Some might immediately believe this is proof that women can’t do math. A recent IT conference I attended, said the number of women going into the IT profession is still very poor. Lack of female mentors, fear of harassment, and more factors than I can probably mention, all feed into this. Raising a daughter who might or might not be interested in following in her Dad’s career path, makes me think about this quite a bit.

Discord/Video channel/Techaluffagus. Again, not sure where this will go, but have thought about ‘What if I joined/started an online drop-in video chat painting community?’. Like real time stuff here, folks. Scary. I don’t know if any of my fellow bloggers would be interested, and being in different countries, I’d probably have to listen to IRO snoring while I paint. Regular text chat wouldn’t work too well, as uh, I need my hands to paint. So, video would probably be better. Though that requires some cameras. There is also the noise/distraction factor. I’m not sure how the livestream youtuber painters do their stuff, but I imagine Discord would probably work. It’s been in the back of my brain at times, so will see if something ever comes to fruition.

1 Wish. So, I will throw out a more direct question before I post this. If you had 1 selfish wish to waste just on yourself. What would that wish be?

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  1. Surprising what I don’t think about until other people mention them! As far as work is concerned I don’t think I discriminate, although I work with more men than women (that’s just how it works out). I’d probably not follow live chat or video feed stuff, even on minis and painting, ’cause I just can’t multi-task and would find it difficult to concentrate – if I’m watching someone paint, I wouldn’t be painting myself! And my wife says she wishes I’d stop leaving comments on peoples’ blogs and get them dishes washed!

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    1. Hey JNV….

      get those dishes washed!!

      Haha! Yea, it could be too distracting to watch while painting. I’ve found I’m able to sometimes fend off the toddler when she runs into the room. Those martial arts lessons really paid off! And even carry on a conversation with her. Can I paint, converse, and watch people on video at the same time? Hmmm. If they were doing something really cool, that might make me stop to watch. Perhaps if it was recorded, so I could go back and watch later?

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    2. Yeah. Time differences aside, anything that requires my visual attention obviously stops me from painting. That’s one reason I listen to so many podcasts and documentaries (and the wrestling – because storyline and commentary don’t require my eyes). I’ve painted alongside others a few times and that can be interesting, though it’s on;y something that happens very rarely.
      As for gender equity in the workplace, I think it’ll take (a long) time, but things will eventually even out much more. Still, there will always be some professions that attract more men or women to them, and that’s okay, too – as long as people aren’t being excluded from a career path due to their gender.

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  2. I was thinking the Wendigos looked more like tree sloths. Something about the way their paws are curved takes me more there than to Wookies.

    There have actually been some really interesting studies looking at differences in gender representation in various fields. This was the first one that a google search turned up: https://www.aauw.org/research/solving-the-equation/ I know there have been others, tho, and also some that took similar approaches and found similar results when looking at race instead of gender.

    I’m not really a fan of real-time stuff unless it’s also face-to-face, so I wouldn’t be in on the video channel thing. Could be cool, tho. My one selfish wish would be financial security. Nothing extravagant, just never having to worry about whether or not I could cover my rent, or utilities, or food, or anything like that.

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    1. Thanks that study you linked looks like it touches on a lot of the same issues that were brought up by the speaker at our conference. The shocking statistic that the number of women engineers is actually decreasing, really bothered me. I’ve seen so few women in the sector, and that there is going to be less, is a big loss.

      Financial security is certainly a nice wish!

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  3. First off I don’t believe a great deal in gender equality, it’s a sore point with me. In fact I actually hate the concept of positive discrimination which we have in the UK. What I do believe in is equal opportunity. In working terms the best person for the job regardless of sexual orientation or ethnicity. I’ve had female bosses and female subordinate staff, some have been brilliant and some have been crap. I can say the same for men and people of other races too. Unfortunately there is inequality everywhere and with all the will in the world I don’t see it changing. The class system is another example.

    Live streaming would be interesting but on a personal level I’m a pretty slow painter so I can’t see anyone being awake for very long! As for the technology side of it, just goes over my head! Just tell me what buttons to press.

    One wish? Good health. You’re nothing with out it.

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    1. Yea, in a perfect world, we would all be equal and not have to think about any of it. You said it’s a sore point for you, so I won’t belabor this.

      Haha, I doubt your much slower than me, when it comes to painting! “You’re still working on that same Dwarf?!”. I’ll have to think about it, and do some research, but if I do a live stream, you will all be the first to know.

      No one wishes for Good Health, until they need it. I imagine it’s the same for Doctors as for IT people. No one ever stops by my office and goes ‘Hey! My computer is working so great today! Just thought I would tell you!’. Nope, it’s always “OMG!! You have to HELP ME NOW!!”. 😉

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      1. It’s only a sore point in that I’ve known people get jobs because they are female or black for example, just because the company wanted to balance their equality stats. Not because they were the best qualified for the job which to my mind ought to be the key driver. I’ve not been a personal victim but I do feel strongly that it’s wrong.

        Was that inside information, are you still working on that dwarf? 😉

        Good point on the Good Health. On the basis that I consider myself financially secure I’m going to plump instead for spending the rest of my life with Genna Coleman.

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        1. In my own hiring, we were told to hire someone of minority status if they are roughly equivalent in skills. I wouldn’t necessarily hire someone who couldn’t do the job, but to increase diversity, I did hire people who were minorities and roughly equal in skill. Our team was all white males and mostly in early 20s when I started. I’d like to say the team benefitted from shaking things up a bit.

          Yea, sadly still working on Dwarves. Not my favorite team, and still at them. Giving it a once over…it’s probably a 2 month dedicated task to get all of the stuff finished for them. Kinda makes me question why I started back on them. But hey, worst case, it’s all learning and practice. And a bad day at painting usually beats a bad day at work. Mainly because I get utter more swear words when I paint!! 😂

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          1. Don’t get me wrong, women, people of different ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities all bring something to the party and are highly valued.
            I juts think their selection should be on ability first. If you are a well qualified white guy going to an interview where you are competing with a woman, a black person and someone with a disability you might as well not bother to turn up which cannot be right in my book. You are disadvantaged before you start. To be fare the white guy might win over the disabled person because the bias against those poor buggers is worse than anything! Much is said about the absence of women and ethnic groups being in senior positions but I’d like to know the figures for disabled people. In the corporate world its all about looking good, all of them are in it for themselves at the end of the day. Governments are no better.

            Blimmey I haven’t even had a coffee yet!

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            1. Get that coffee TIM, we want you in tip top debating shape! 😉

              I think I actually started this whole post before I had my coffee. Politics before coffee on a miniatures/game blog. What was I thinking?

              I don’t know if this is true in all areas, but in our hiring practices we looked at ability and then gender/ethnicity. If we had a white guy and a female, and they were equal, then we were expected to hire the female as that increased the diversity of our group. If the female (or other ethnicity) maybe got a few more questions wrong, we would keep them in the running. As you said, different people are going to bring something different to the party. Heh, we don’t want everyone to bring potato salad to our party, right?! So in a way they bring even more to the table with their differences than their ability to answer a few interview questions correctly. If the candidate was unskilled though, we wouldn’t hire them, no matter the differences. That to me, seems a pretty sound hiring practice. Is the system perfect? Nope. But I think it’s better to try and do something to address the discrepancy than ignore it. In our case, the majority of the team was all young white males, and probably would have stayed that way for a very long time, if someone hadn’t changed our hiring practices. We were so busy with keeping all the computers from catching fire, that we didn’t really think about hiring.

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              1. Am now all the better for a coffee or two!

                In reality I think the subject is a mine field and not only is it not perfect but it never will be. The truth is we all form biases as we go through life and those biases come into play in everything we do. The truth is the playing field has never been a level one and never will be. In my early days it was called the old boys network. To get on you had to have gone to the right school. Young white males were victims of the system well before other groups entered the fray. I didn’t like the system then, I don’t like it much now but you learn to live with it and play the game.

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                1. Certainly a minefield! I think we might agree on some points and differ on others, but I appreciate you being brave enough to discuss.

                  Stay tuned next week for a discussion on abortion, Brexit, genetic cloning, global warming, and who really landed on the moon first!

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  4. Wow, mate, you’re not afraid to pick a controversial and challenging topic for your Tangent eh? Good on you! I’m pleased to say that in my industry (ecology) it’s roughly a 50:50 mix of men and women. For a while it seemed to me that most new rolls were going to female candidates and I did wonder if there was some kind of positive-discrimination afoot but overall I’d say it’s fairly balanced, and certainly there was no instruction of that kind given to me when I was recruiting. That said when I recruited my first assistant I was shocked by how poor the applications from the male applicants were. Of the six that made it to interview only one was male (again roughly 50:50 mix in the applications that were sent in) and almost as soon as he started speaking I knew he wasn’t who we were looking for. The second year I don’t think a single man made it to interview. A couple did in the third year, and one of them got the job, which went some way to restoring my faith in the boys. I was chatting to a friend of mine who does a lot more recruiting than I do and she raised a theory that I think has a lot of merit. She pointed out that, as a society, we generally raise our daughters to be “people pleasing” (get along with people, fit in, do as you’re told) whereas our sons are taught to believe they can be heroes and need to prove their worth and impress their peers. Certainly this ties in with my experience, the boys tended to make unsubstantiated claims that they were brilliant and if I just employed them (and they deigned to accept of course) then I’d discover how wonderful they were, whereas the girls just got on with it and answered my questions and demonstrated their skills. Dunno, just my uneducated experience, but there may be something to it.

    One selfish wish? Probably good health, so long as you’ve got that you’ve always got options.

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    1. Ha, it just happened that way! Blogging is all about your audience though. I could have posted something, and everyone *yawned* and said “meh” or maybe pissed off everyone and I could watch my follower numbers drop into the negatives.

      Yea, I’m out of central IT now. The diversity in my new unit was pretty appealing at first. Though being a geeky IT guy, in a non-geeky environment has been challenging. My previous boss and I had nothing to chit-chat about. “I don’t see why anyone would waste their time watching movies!”. Umm, ok…movies are definitely off-topic. Not that your boss is there for chit-chat, but it does help if you can make some connections there.

      Yea, society teaches us to raise boys/girls in very different ways. It’s pretty hard to overcome that, even if you try to avoid it in your parenting style. Kids are going to adopt things from other kids, other adults, etc.

      I tried to be as neutral as possible, and let our daughter make her own choices. All of a sudden she is fascinated by Princesses. We only have 1 book that has princesses, so I don’t where she got that from. Perhaps one of her playmates. It’s still okay, if that’s what she wants, I just wouldn’t want to force her to conform to a specific gender imprint.

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  5. I don’t think I snore but apparently I do talk a lot in my sleep. I am an army of one in my work place so even if I wanted to discriminate, which I never would, I have no one to do it to haha. All I saw was Wookiees man! They’re cool minis.

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  6. I saw angry sloths… they are in fact still moving… I bet in a week you will see a change in their pose. As for the gender I am a bit too tired to be cohesive, but my authority came up with a plan to give extra work placements to students not doing exams, however the idea was that boys would be given places normally attributed to females and Vice Versa. Needless to say we, as in the Work Experience team thought it a ‘bloody Stupid Idea’. It is fine for people to be offered placements but not given placements by gender.

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    1. Haha, well the sloths did move back to my brothers place…so just maybe?!

      So guys were put in female attributed jobs and vice versa? Female CEOs and Male strippers. As long as neither are grabbing my butt, guess I’m ok with that!

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  7. Forgot to mention the Live streaming, I have managed some crafting and painting sessions when the internet decided to work…Basically we sat and chatted about what we were doing and about random stuff too.

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    1. Earlier today I was watching some Ami Kim drumming videos while painting. https://youtu.be/64JAuLWi0K4
      It’s the first time I’ve tried having videos in the background when painting, and have to say it was a fail. I feel like I ended up looking up too many times to watch her do some fill, etc. My painting session ended up being twice as long as normal. Really put some doubt in me about doing online painting sessions. Never say never though.


      1. Dude. Podcasts and documentaries. Ideally at a right or 3/4 angle to your painting (so you need to look to the side, not just up – too easy to be distracted by visuals.)

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  8. Gender equality? Didn’t we just do this?
    When I’ve been on panels, we’ve (almost) always just hired the best person for the job. The previous bosses were the types that would sometimes strongly lean into whoever they liked the most using non-verbal communication and tone during post-interview discussions and we were expected to go along with it, though even then there wasn’t a gender or racial issue that came up at all. My workplace is bound by Merit & Equity, so there are and cannot be any instructions to hire this or that type of person – no positive nor negative discrimination.
    Outside of those, whenever I’ve been on panels, we’ve always hired the person that is best for the job. Obviously there the biggest advantage has gone to people that we know who are already in their positions, but that comes down to being able to demonstrate what they’ve talked about in the KSC. Even when I have preferred one over the person who got the position, the process has been equitable.
    You might be able to argue that people occasionally get discriminated against because of their ethnic or foreign backgrounds, but given how important communication skills are in my line of work, that’s a dead end argument. Earlier this year for a tech job I hired the guy who had better demonstrated skills, more enthusiasm, better written and spoken English over the guys who interviewed poorly but had higher “paper” qualifications. So the (Muslim) Australian guy got the job over the Indian-born guy and the Vietnamese-born guy and the (clueless) “Aussie” guy because he was the *best* guy for the job.

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