Old Mini Monday 22 – Fantasy 12

Old Mini Monday 22 – Fantasy 12


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.


From Left to Right:  Ninja (Assassin) with Sword (FA12), Anti-Hero 01-335(b), Barmadon Rogue 61-060



Ral Partha


No set of minis is ever complete, without a Ninja! Or a group of Ninjas! And speaking of cool-ness, I would sometimes buy minis just because of their name. “Anti-Hero”, must be cool, right?! So that could have been one I bought and gave to my brother. “Barmadon Rogue”, never knew this one had a sort of official sounding name. He was usually just used as a street thug, something or other. I always really liked that mini though.

Tangent – 

Wait Faust, the last Old Mini Monday was about hobbies too…!?

Um yea, we can have lots of hobbies and lots of discussion about them…no?

All right, all right. This time around, I wanted to take it to the flip side.

What hobbies are you not interested in?

Sure, some of us have many hobbies, some are more selective, but there are tons of hobbies out there, that we aren’t doing. Maybe a few that you never, ever want to do (like TIM’s housework).


Being in nature is okay and all. Exercising, I have to have the energy and mindset to do it though. And usually a definitive goal to meet. Walking for long hours, just up a hill, and seeing a tree, and oh, there is another tree….isn’t that the same tree I just saw?…doesn’t really do it for me. And then we get to the top, and ok, nice view, for maybe 5 minutes, and….back down.

But still, I could do it, and kinda enjoy it, on occasion. Yet, my last partner managed to totally sour me on it. One, we HAD to go hiking every weekend. Two, we had to drive at least an hour or so, just to to get to a spot to hike for an hour or two. Three, there was lots of complaining on her end. We tried camping a few times, and every single time we went to put up the tent, a huge (mostly one-sided) argument ensued. Funnily enough, the couple times we brought a friend along, she argued with or complained about that friend instead. Which seemed lame, but made me happy I wasn’t the target for once. Just seemed to be something in her nature. Long story short, it made what is an ‘okay’ hobby initially into a nightmare, and now it’s something I’m just not keen on doing.

And just so you all know, camping with my Wife, turned out to be a lot of fun. With the kids though, a bit of a different story.


Again, was a hobby of the person I mentioned earlier. But I just haven’t had any particular interest in knitting. It does have a definable end goal, which is good for me. Maybe because I was pretty allergic to Wool products as a kid, or I just don’t really like the texture of knitted stuff, but likely a hobby I won’t be venturing into.


Sports watching.

Just find that a mainly boring waste of my time. I feel like that with a lot of TV programming in general, but with Sports I would rather play than watch.



Oh, I have my collections, but there are a lot of things I (luckily) have no desire to collect. Stamps, Barbies, My Little Ponies, etc.



Kill. Me. Now. Weeding has to be one of the worst things ever. Growing your own veggies is kind of cool, but ugh. Plus I have the opposite of a green thumb. Yea, this should have been the first thing I even listed.


Bird watching.

Just can not stand birds. Maybe because my Mom had damned tweeting, chirping, poop/food flicking little birds. They did nothing but make messes and noise (two of my un-favorite things).


Well, that’s that. Building my own little list, has made me curious to read what you all have to say!



30 thoughts on “Old Mini Monday 22 – Fantasy 12

  1. I love a bit of gardening 🙂 Actually don’t have a garden where I live now and I quite miss it, wherever I move next I want somewhere I can grow some veg.
    I also love hiking and birdwatching, in fact if you put the two together you’re pretty much describing my job. I enjoy camping too when I can. Mind you if someone spent the whole time arguing I’d take them up a mountain and leave them there! Agreed on the collecting though – even though I have various collections of my own (miniatures obviously, books, music) but all of those things have merit in themselves, it’s not just about showing off how much stuff I have. Sports are social, I can get into it if I’m watching with someone who’s enjoying it but I’d not bother by myself.
    As for hobbys I’d never willingly take up; running. I know you used to be into it and I’ve got loads of mates that do it but it just sounds like hell to me. All the effort of hiking, none of the pleasure. Mind you my partner has been trying to get me to try it since we got together. A decade on and she’s not showing any signs of giving up, in fact she’s upped her game, I might find myself forced into trainers before I know it! I’ve also got loads of mates who love rock climbing but I tried it once and it didn’t really grab me. Might try it again but there’s so much kit you need before you can start and it’s a big investment if you’re going to try it once and think “stuff this!” That said I’ve got a fancy for trying sea kayaking lately and I’ve never tried that before either.

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    1. Well. we might be opposites, but I’m sure we could still share a pint. Oh wait, you do like beer, don’t you?!

      Honestly, on running…I hated it. Well, at least at first. All through school, never liked it. After school, I would try jogging sometimes to keep in shape, but didn’t really like it.

      Then I started biking to work every single day, rain or shine, and got sucked into a fitness challenge at work. No biggie, I log a decent amount of miles on my bike. At one point, a duathlon came up, and I figured with biking…why not?! I did pretty well, keeping up with guys half my age. Then we hit the track, and … I …got smoked! Seriously embarrassing, as guys lapped me 2-3 times. Turns out they were all runners. Ugh.

      But the gym staff were there, cheering me on, regardless, and I finished feeling like I did give it a decent shot.

      I don’t know what possessed me next, maybe the shame or hopes of doing better in another duathlon…but I started running on a regular basis.

      It was still a grind, and I wasn’t crazy about it. But as the miles started to increase, and I learned how to control my breathing, pace/stride, and that running is a lot of up/down ‘Oh my god, I’m going to die!’ versus ‘I feel like I’m in a tranquil state of bliss and can keep running for 20 more miles, I have so much energy!!’. Well, it started to become much more fun. In the same way that hiking has it’s scenery, I would run through my old neighborhood, sometimes looking at the trees and houses and such. Treadmill and indoor track running though, bleh. I also would run in an isolated park, where it was often just me and the trees and the hills for 20 miles.

      I sometimes think it’s a combination of being in the right shape, having the endurance, right muscle tone, and also just pushing myself past the first few miles that did it for me. Mile 1 is always rough, pacing is usually off, breathing hasn’t set correctly, etc. But you start to get past that, and adrenaline kicks in, it starts to get really fun. Granted, I’m sure it’s not everyone’s thing.

      Whew, sorry, that ended up longer than I thought it would!

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      1. It sounds very inspiring when you describe it but then my partner makes it sound fun as well and I think she’s just trying to trick me into thinking it’ll be better than it will.

        Discussing of the many differences and similarities between us over a beer sounds like the wisest idea. Now if I heard the pub was giving away beer that would encourage me to run..!

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        1. Haha! I think beer and running are at the opposite ends of the spectrum….though they do have marathons where you get a beer afterwards. Usually at the end of a race, all I could think of was “Water!”.

          How long has your partner been running and does she do it on a regular basis?

          Running was a total lifestyle change for me. I had to watch everything I ate, make sure to have time to run, and cross-train. It’s much different than jogging. A lot of things would have to re-align for me to get back into it. After I got married, I got the question “But why do you have to spend so much time?!”.

          In that regard, it’s a lot like our miniature hobby. It takes a lot of time. If you fall out of it, it can be hard to get back into. Though with my recent painting lapse, I found it’s not too difficult to get back into it, and I didn’t have to ‘get back in shape’. Things just picked right back up where I left off, and I only had a couple random times where I felt like I was painting like crap. Though that was likely from being tired, rather than forgetting how to paint.

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          1. You say that beer and running are at opposite ends of the spectrum but I reckon you’d have to get me pretty drunk before you could convince me to take up running!

            My partner has been doing it on and off since she was a teenager. I think the real reason she’s trying to get me to try it at the moment is that she’s not been able to do it much for a while because of work and other stuff and so she’s looking for someone to come along and motivate her.

            In previous years I’ve worked outdoors all summer then been inside at a desk all winter and that’s when I really should have gone running to keep in shape. On the first day of the spring season I’d be half-dead hauling a pack full of scientific gear up the side of a mountain thinking “Why the hell didn’t I try harder to keep fit?” This year I’ll be out all winter so we’ll see how that goes. Might even get talked into going for a run sometime – I’ll try anything once…

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  2. My initial reaction on reading this was that it would be easy to put a list together but the more I think about it the harder it seems to be. First off I think there is a difference between hobbies and chores. Take gardening for instance. I wouldn’t call it a hobby of mine but I do like a nice garden and if I want to maintain it I have to accept the chore of doing it. Things which people do that I would never want to? Any form of watching other than TV and films, so bird watching, train spotting an that stuff are out. Fishing, unless my life depended on it. Mechanics, couldn’t give a shit how things work just as long as they do. Plumbing and electric are for the professionals unless I’m in someone else’s house in which case I’m game. There are things I’m not doing but would like to though. I’d like to learn to properly dance and playing the piano would be a cool thing to do. Trouble is I have great coordination for sport but I’m blind to reading music and as for dancing I have two left feet and one of those is made of wood and the other one is broken so neither I likely to happen any time soon!

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    1. Great point on hobby vs chores. Lawn maintenance, is a dreaded chore for me. I guess hiking has felt more like a chore to me. I used to walk a lot when I was younger, since I didn’t have a car. Whereas my ex-partner drove everywhere, with the AC on, and probably a limo driver, I imagine. So that was probably a big difference too.

      Lol, I now know who not to invite over to fix the plumbing and electric!

      I love learning how stuff works. Why I ended up in the computer field. Car mechanics, sadly, I’m not handy at all. Most the time I find, it’s better just to pay a pro, as I don’t have the tools and time to do it anyways.

      Good luck with those happy feet! Maybe SWMBO, will sign you up for some Salsa lessons someday! 😉

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  3. Have enjoyed reading all of the above! I find it hard enough getting me wargames stuff done, let alone thinking about other hobbies. Am not a sporty person at all, although I used to watch a local ice hockey team as a teenager and enjoyed that (from what I can remember – it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). However, short walks in the country with my wife and dogs I enjoy and treat it as time to switch off a bit.

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    1. Oh yea, we occasionally go for walks through our neighborhood, when the weather is nice. Walks in the country sound more fun. Probably I enjoy that more, if it doesn’t involve a bunch of prep, lots of driving, and trekking up a mountainside.

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  4. Great post – I’ll have to copy it at some point.
    As for me –
    Hobbies I enjoy would be gaming – (warhammer 40/ epic/ dark-age etc). But as of late mostly it’s painting and building terrain or some other random projects.
    I enjoy a frequent RPG session with friends, and board games. I tend to collect RPGs that don’t get played as well as board games lol.
    Outside I enjoy Disc Golf (frisbee golf). Combines a hike and tossing discs around. Solo or with friends.
    I like to hike – but as I get older it seems I like to day hike more than overnight hiking – tenting. Although I do like to camp.
    I read (slowly) and have really gotten into listening to books while I do other hobbies.
    I’ve always enjoyed learning new things – and challenges- so built a yurt – learned to do the electrical and plumbing fit it as well.

    Sports – I like to watch the teams I follow in hockey, soccer and American football. But I try not to watch other teams – because I have to many things to get done lol.
    My wife and I tend to devour Netflix and other TV – especially in the dark and wet winters lol.

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    1. Nice, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or some such?! 🙂

      RPG collecting is about all I do on the RPG front these days. I love the old D&D modules and some of the rpgs from back in the day, but can’t get them played. Maybe someday, maybe.

      I’ve never tried Disc Golf, but it seems quite popular.

      Wow, you built your own Yurt?! That’s pretty sweet.

      My Wife loves to watch shows, but I find it’s time taken away from painting. So we usually work out a compromise, where I paint/play video games some nights. Or I’ll paint a little bit and then go watch. It’s all pretty spur of the moment, which is how she operates anyways, haha.

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  5. I’m a gardener/landscaper/handyman by trade so the last thing I want to do is any of that for a hobby. Although I think I’ll grow my own veggies eventually when I buy my stone ruins in the bush. Music is a major hobby of mine and was number one for many, many years when I was in a Blues and roots band but since that went on hiatus it’s been all about miniatures. I love hiking, especially if there’s a little climbing or caving involved. I’m actually lucky enough to have my own mountain. Sure the government says it’s one of their national parks but it’s mine. I’ve been climbing and exploring it since I was 11. I used to go up there with my dog when life was tough years ago. I’m not religious at all so it’s the closest to spiritual I get when I’m up there. I asked my wife to marry me up there. Ironically my ex could never climb to the top haha but my wife made it with ease. Now, it’s tradition to take my kids up there when they turn 11. My eldest went up there four years ago and my middle daughter is due to go on her pilgrimage this November. Then the young one in another six years. I also like my lowrider bicycle, movies, writing aaaaaand that’s about it I think.

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    1. Very nice. I forget you were in Blues/Roots. I’ve been listening to a jazz radio station pretty heavily lately. Some stuff I really like, some not so much. Either way, most of them can play like crazy. Our son takes classical piano, and hates it. I’m going to push for the toddler to go into jazz. She might hate it, who knows.

      I spent a good chunk of my life in the wilderness and running around the forest as kids/teens. I didn’t really know much about city life growing up, so that has been my next adventure. Though our “city” isn’t all that big. Still, we do visit and explore larger cities when traveling, like NY, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

      The wilderness will always be a part of me though, and I totally understand the spiritual side that you mentioned. Whether it’s up on a mountain or being out in a snow field late at night watching the Northern Lights, it’s some pretty amazing stuff around us.

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      1. If people just stop look and listen once in a while you see all sorts of great stuff. One day I made the family get up before dawn. I drove them to a lake for a BBQ brekkie and to watch the sun rise over the lake. Even the teenager who grumbled and argued about getting out of bed so early had a tear in her eye when she saw the sunrise.

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  6. The one that always seems oddest to people, given all the tabletop gaming I’m into, is that I hardly play video games at all. Only turn-based stuff like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Blood Bowl, or X-Com. I just can’t keep up with what’s happening in anything real-time, regardless of genre. It runs over my frustration threshold pretty much instantly.

    There are plenty of others, but that’s the one that seems to catch everyone by surprise.

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    1. Thanks maenoferren22! I think there is a set of them, as I’ve seen quite a few of the Ral Partha Ninjas. Well, except when they are hiding, of course…

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  7. Running just sounds like hell to me. That’s my main issue with “proper” exercise. It’s boring. Or I find it boring. Repetitive and mentally un-stimulating. Before my bike died, I was riding to and from work for awhile, and just as my knee issues started, I was about to start walking to work (so I managed to do it once). So now I do a little bit of weight lifting at home. Mostly while watching wrestling. :p I also have my leg exercises for my knee, but the squats just seemed to do more harm then good. So despite getting better at them, those are out.
    As for other hobbies – I’ve got a couple of lifetime’s worth:

    Painting Minis – goes without saying.
    Minis gaming – wish I had more time and opponents so I could do more of it.
    Board Gaming/Roleplaying – same as Minis gaming, though I have regulars, these games compete with Videogames with those guys. Speaking of…
    Videogames – MMOs and Co-Op MP games with friends and of course Marouda. SP games of many genres – Open World, Shooters, RPGs, Real-time games and turn-based games. Strategy and action. Fighting games (though they get boring fast in SP!) again the biggest problem is so many games not enough time. Especially given how long many games are.
    Comics – haven’t had much time for years to read them, though I’ve been buying the Judge Dredd collection over the past year or so, and still have a pretty decent collection of Marvel stuff from before they jumped the shark. Not to mention Donald Duck and others!
    1/6 figures – something I collected for quite a few years – main issues are price and (more importantly) space. Need to probably sell off a bunch of stuff, though that’s a ton of work – and finding the energy to do so is the hardest part, since it takes away from gaming and painting.
    TV – Watching Pro Wrestling is on thing I can (sort-of, almost) keep up with. Mostly because I can do other stuff while the talking and less interesting matches happen. Too many goddamned quality shows I need to watch, and probably will never get around to doing so. Hard part here is that quality TV demands 100% of my attention, not the 30-50% that most wrestling or even my crime docos do.
    Movies – See TV. But without the wrestling. Same issues, though.

    Stuff like gardening, paintball… stuff like that. I’d like to, but there’s just no time.

    So yeah. I hear people at work talk about how they’d get bored if they didn’t need to work. I keep it to myself to be polite, but man. I just can’t imagine that.

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    1. “..bored if they didn’t need to work”. Try the miniature hobby! Lots of work there, haha!

      Yea, the boring aspect of most exercise is what keeps most of us away. I found exercise classes, with the right trainer, helped encourage me. It’s like ‘yea, we all know this sucks, but we’re doing it together’. Gamification also helps a lot for me. Logging things or checking results in an app, comparing with friends, also helped keep me going. I guess in some ways it’s like the mini challenges. Without music to listen to and my running app coaching me along the way, I doubt I would have stuck with it for long. It was definitely hell at the start, but then it started to become fun. I’m still wondering if I will ever get back into it. I need to start doing some sort of exercise again, as the pounds aren’t coming off by eating Bonbons and painting minis!

      Nice set of hobbies. I think I didn’t know that Marouda plays video games with you or that you liked Marvel comics. I like some DC comics, but overall been a Marvel fan since I was little. I don’t read much of the newer stuff from either of those two nowadays.

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  8. Yeah, she’s not someone I’d call a “gamer” in that she won’t play games alone, but she’s happy to do it with me with me and other friends as a social activity. We’re going to try the Fallout 76 Beta in a few minutes when it comes back up.
    I used to be right into comics. These days the main reason I don’t go exploring there again is because of the prices. Yikes! That’s one way to make GW’s prices look cheap! I started with Spiderman, and Donald Duck (Carl Barks’ stuff) then branched out into other Marvel superheroes (especially X-Men) as well as stuff like Dredd and so forth. Later I dropped most of the marvel stuff excepting Punisher and mostly went Vertigo (Sandman, Hellblazer, Preacher, etc) – and also Donald Duck, by now which was including Don Rosa’s stuff. Then a long, long break again. Now I’ve just been getting those JD hardcover partwork collections.
    As for exercise, she has the tail end of a gym membership that was part of her work injury recovery going for another week or two. I’ve been thinking about asking the physio if a Gym membership might be useful for my knee – and if it is, potentially starting to go regularly over the Christmas break. (and she’d rejoin for that period).

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    1. I started with Spidey too. I guess he was probably every 70s/80s kids favorite. Nowadays I’m either reading stuff in digital or reading older stuff in print. I imagine comics are stupidly expensive in your part.

      That’s pretty cool if you can get her to go with you. My Wife and I always seem to be at opposite poles when it comes to exercising. We do try to go for walks together when it’s nice out.

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  9. Well, she’s already in the mindset of going a couple of times each week – and has the membership. I’ve got neither right now but for her she would just be continuing/restarting which shouldn’t be quite as challenging…

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