Old Mini Monday 21 – Fantasy 11

Old Mini Monday 21 – Fantasy 11


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.


From Left to Right:  [EDIT: Assassin 01-013], Anti-Paladin 03-034, Wizard from “Wizard’s Room 98-041”




Ral Partha



Well the one on the far left is doing such a good job of playing peekaboo, that I couldn’t even find his name! I looked for awhile and no luck. The one in the middle, suffers a bit from gigantism and the one on the far right, needed to take his calcium pills

Tangent – Hobbies

It’s nearing the end of Summer (though this week will be warm still), which means the end of gardening. Personally that makes me happy, as I don’t have to spend as much time mowing, weeding, etc. Things I generally do not enjoy.

However, it means the opposite for my Father-in-Law, whose sole hobby is gardening. How one can only have one hobby in life baffles me, and to see him mope around as the season draws to an end, baffles me even more.

For myself, I find there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things I would like. Being a parent, it’s sometimes a lack of energy to accomplish those things, but the inclination is still there.

It’s not just my Father-in-Law though, I’ve met many other people who just have a single hobby. I had a good friend in college who would frequently call me up and complain “I’m bored!”. Which was like a loud alarm going off in my brain “You really can’t think of anything to do?!?!”. Mind numbing.

Where am I going with this tangent? Not really sure. But I guess I’m wondering if people have ran into this and what other sorts of hobbies people might have outside of painting minis?

Here’s a list of some of mine:

Miniature painting. Yep, we know. I have a decent amount of unpainted plastic that I would like to get taken care of someday. Current progress has still been a bit slow.

Computer games. My list of unplayed Steam games is quite long. There are some games that I started and would like to finish. Some I’ve heard good things about that I haven’t tried. Others that I have always been dying to play. I guess the same goes for some of the console games.

Music Instruments. I’ve tried to learn guitar, and almost got to the beginner level. Would love to learn a couple songs to play, and then I could sing poorly with the toddler. Drums. Would love to learn drums too. Electric Bass Guitar. Another instrument I’ve always really liked.

Running. I enjoyed running marathons when I was in better shape and had more time.

Martial Arts. Ditto as above.

Reading. So few books, so little time.

Boardgames. So many boardgames to play, and I have a decent collection. Sort of related, would be role-playing games. Those can keep you really busy too, but requires a group of the right people to play with, which can be tricky.

Drawing/Painting. Drawing has been fun. Painting is okay, but feel like I’m better at mini painting. Digital art I find pretty fun to do too.

Movies. I’m a movie buff, and have a ton of movies I’d still like to see. Lots of TV shows too.

Programming. I do it for a living, but after I retire, I imagine I would still keep dabbling and probably write programs for myself.

Travel. It’s not as high on my list, but experiencing new cultures, food, and ancient history, is pretty intriguing to me.

Baking/Cooking. Another fun thing, when I have the time to do it.

Woodworking. Probably require more investment in tools, but it is something pretty fun to do. I once constructed an arcade cabinet and made my own arcade machine. Would love to recreate that project again someday.



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  1. Nice post although I’m a little worried that you and IRO might team up at some point to form a band! Also a little confused when you say you nearly reached beginner level, what was the level before that? Sadly I’ve known too many people who were work aholics, no hobbies at all. Most have since passed on, retirement was not their friend. As for personal interests other than modelling? Collect first addition books, reading, love films, music albeit as a background to modelling, researching my family tree, a little bit of DIY, gardening when the weather is nice, long distance walking, drinking and eating and travelling. Not sure how I ever managed to go to work!

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    1. “First addition books”? Had no idea there was a market for beginner Math books! Haha!

      I think my Father-in-Law probably fell into the workaholic category. I’ve been sucked into work before too, but even then I still had all those hobbies I wanted to do, in the back of my mind.

      Sounds like a good set of hobbies to keep you busy.

      Pre-beginner music instrument level, is “Faust-level”. That’s the one where the music teacher covers their ears, runs out of the room screaming, and quits their job.

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  2. TIM makes great points. Up until a few years ago, mine was solely golf. Minis and gaming took second fiddle. I played 18 on Saturday, ran and played in an 18 hole league on Sunday, and got in 3 9 hole rounds during the week plus an occasional trip to the driving range. Now it’s more balanced, with painting and gaming taking up more time relative to golf. Getting a painting spray booth, an air compressor, and a couple of airbrushes changed my approach drastically as I no longer had to account for Massachusetts weather for rattlecan priming or varnishing. My health up until recently had depressed my golf time because of too many surgeries, so now I’m getting better and hopefully will get more golf in before the Starks are correct (in New England WINTER IS ALWAYS COMING).

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    1. I think it’s just fine to have a hobby that takes up most of your time, as long as there is other stuff. Especially nice if you find a non-weather dependent hobby. That is another pitfall that I’ve seen other people make. Having all outdoor hobbies, and then moping around all Winter, because they can’t do them. Winters here aren’t too bad, so I was actually able to run all year round. I did have to get used to the heavy rain, but it can be done.

      Airbrush for the win, over rattle can priming! 😀

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                1. Ok, will have to trust you on that one. I usually airbrush in my garage, which isn’t as warm as the house. So I’m curious if that will affect priming. Don’t think it did last year, but really wondering how that might play with varnishing from an airbrush.

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                  1. You should have the same constraints as airbrush paint, that being temperature and humidity. I would want the temp to be over 60 and humidity relatively low, but with the varnish I mentioned I’d try to stay away from a situation where the airbrush paint took a long time to dry. My cellar is where I paint, and it’s always warm and I use a dehumidifier in summer (I have no air conditioning). The Master Airbrush paint I have booth keeps all the vapors and volatilized paint droplets in the booth, so that helps.

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                    1. Thanks Mark. I’m sure the temp is over 60 in the garage. Not sure what our humidity is like in winter. Lots of rain, but don’t know that it stays in the air that much, and/or seeps into the garage. I also spray in the garage and move the minis into the warmer house later. Usually the next morning, since the smell won’t be as strong at that point.

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  3. I think wargaming has always been my only real hobby, but it requires reading/researching, painting, planning, blogging, building stuff etc. so there’s plenty in there to keep me going! I do like films and some TV series and I rarely play computer games or apps because I’d just let it take over my life I think! But . . . I’m never bored!

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    1. Whew, you had me worried there. Thought for sure I was going to get some “I’m bored!” emails from JNV! 😉

      Wargaming is a big hobby. There is a good amount of historical reading, art practice, etc. that can go into it. Plus all that unpainted metal and plastic…

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  4. I should think that if one were to have only a single hobby then wargaming could be quite a good one. It has an artistic side with the painting and a competitive side with the actual tabletop aspect. Plenty of people (especially in historicals) like to spend their time reading around whatever the current project is. One can reach out to fellow hobbyists via blogging, podcasting etc.

    For my side, the main other hobby is ultra-running. With hobbies are as time-consuming as tabletop gaming and ultra-running, one does not get the opportunity to get bored! Of course, I have plenty of other things that I dabble in.

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    1. Oh nice! How much are you up to in Ultra-running. The most I ever did was a full marathon. I tell myself that I ever got back into it, I’d probably stick to 11 mile runs. That seemed to be the sweet spot, where I didn’t run into chafing and I could comfortably run 11 miles without needing any snacks or even a canteen.

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      1. The furthest I’ve gone in one go is 55 miles, though I have a DNF in a 62 mile race (I got sun stroke and had to pull out at 53 miles). I’m lucky enough to live near some very nice hills so training is an absolute pleasure. I quite like the little sub-game of trying to get the eating part of the race correct… though I rarely manage it.

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          1. Well, I’d have to say that it’s not easy to run 50 miles, but if you do it at the right pace it’s not harder than doing a half marathon or whatever. In a race situation, I suppose that you should run at a pace that has you completely worn out as you cross the finish line.

            Specifically in terms of extending distance, I don’t think that I found it any harder than when I stepped up from running about 13 miles to 26 miles for example. I’m looking to step up to almost 100 miles next year so I’ll soon find out how scale-able that is.

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            1. I think I had too much adrenaline rush, because every race I finished, I was usually more energized than the start. Granted I felt like I was going to die quite often along the way. Pacing is pretty key though.

              It’s been quite awhile since I went from 13 to full. I can’t remember how difficult it was for me. I was lucky in that I was also doing a lot of cross training and running hills often. Lot of runners don’t cross train or forget the hills, and that’s rough on the body.

              What’s your best time for 50 miles so far? Man, that’s awesome that you’re planning on tackling 100 miles!


              1. I think that you’re not alone in getting the race-buzz; I’ve even heard of people talk of getting a ‘running high’, presumably due to released endorphins. Totally agree with you that getting training mileage on hills is really helpful for races. More importantly, it is much more fun than running round pavements and streets!

                My best time over 50 miles is a bit under 10 hours. I’m still literally hours slower than the first place runners though! For me, it’s all about personal achievement so I don’t worry about how fast or slow anyone else is going. I’m really looking forward to going up to 100 miles. My main target race is the West Highland Way race (https://westhighlandwayrace.org/) but it is a balloted entry so I’m not guaranteed a place. If I can’t get in, I have a few other options that I’m looking at.

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                1. Yep, times are going to differ by age, terrain, etc. I know we run as a group, in races, but it is one of the most solo sports I can think of. I ran with my headphones on all the time, so other than the occasional nod, not much social interaction.

                  Speaking of terrain, a friend suggested I try a technical run. It was filled with hills, tight switchbacks, rocks jutting out all over. I like to move at a good clip (I’ve never finished close to those first placers though!), but the best I could manage was a fast walk, yet I still kept fighting it. It was so exhausting, because I chose it as my 20 mile training run, and was trying to maintain my usual time. I had never taken snacks at that point either, and ended up almost passing out.

                  That West Highlands race looks beautiful. Is the weather usually decent?


                  1. It’s funny you say about running being a solo sport. I understand what you mean, but I think it can be a very social activity. Especially at longer distances there is no practical way to run so that you are out of breath (at least, not if you want to sustain any reasonable pace) so it’s both practical and enjoyable to run in a group. This means that I can run with friends for 4 or more hours with nothing else to do but chat while our legs take us around some great scenery.

                    Technical (runners’ code for ‘not really runnable’!) routes are really enjoyable. They force you to change gait frequently and push you out of a comfort zone. I definitely agree with you that it’s a good part of a training regime.

                    The weather for the WHW race is quite variable, as is to be expected in Scotland. I’ve supported my brother doing it a couple of times and the weather has been fine, but there have been some years where it’s been pretty much uninterrupted rain and hail for the entire route. I’m looking forward to it (if I get a place) but it’ll certainly be nicer if the weather behaves.

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                    1. Yea, it can be social, and I’ve known quite a few social runners. I started getting into it on my own, and trained on my own. ‘Off the track’, I would talk to a lot of fellow runners, and it was always very interesting to share experiences. I had thought about joining a group, but in some ways I think it’s similar for me to the miniature hobby. It’s my private time, where I get to indulge myself, tune out the world with some music, and enjoy the moment without having to worry about others. It becomes something else when more people get involved. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just different in it’s own way. Like most things, there are pros and cons with both sides.

                      At first it was really nice to run long distances and be in my head, and process a lot of what I was going through at the time. But when I started hitting marathon distances, I found I sometimes felt that I was in my own head too much.

                      Another story popped into my head….a fellow runner always ran with a group. She said there was one lady who always ran with them, but wore headphones the whole time. They thought it was odd, as she wasn’t talking with them. I related my story of liking to listen to music when I run, and suggested that maybe she likes being in the pack, but isn’t really there for the conversation. She must like the group okay, if she’s running with them after all.


  5. That’s the thing, isn’t it? We’re limited by time. Both in the day/week sense as well as our built-in expiration dates. There are a whole lot of hobbies I’d like to partake in, but you’ve got to choose just a couple of them. For me I’ve chosen painting and gaming as the main ones. Collecting 1:6 scale figures and cool 1:1 props, etc both fell by the wayside due to space (both storage and display) and cost. If I win the lottery and buy a huge mansion (or McMansion) they can come back to the table. My knee is fucked right now from a work injury at the start of this year, so my new(ish) hobby of Jiu-Jitsu is seemingly on hold indefinately. Drawing got dropped because I’d rather paint minis, no space to paint larger stuff like canvas.

    Then there’s the “this would be cool” stuff that just never happens because of time, cost, travel or both. I enjoyed playing guitar (via Rocksmith) and I seemed to pick it up decently for a total newb, but again – time, so I haven’t played it in years. I was decent at Archery in my occasional sessions of it years ago, but again, the same applies. Paintball, Hockey (used to play, years ago), and on and on it goes. I don’t even have time to watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or any number of other amazing (or even good) TV shows since my free time gets dedicated to the other things.

    I “watch” a lot of true crime docos and pro wrestling, though that’s largely because the docos can be listened to while I paint, and the same applies for most of the content of the weekly WWE wrestling shows, since it’s largely talking and sub-par matches, so I listen to the commentary and glance over a bit, and occasionally pay proper attention when it’s a good match.

    Even in a lifetime where I didn’t have to work and my body was reset to 10 or 20 years ago there wouldn’t be enough time to do all the things I want to do. As it happens, I’ve chosen these ones, and even so, I’ll never paint all my miniatures nor play all of my games.

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    1. Yea, but you’re making a damned good dent in them! 😃

      Focus is really key, if you ever want to be good at something and/or get something done.

      I think as we start to reach TIM’s age (still a ways off!), we start to learn we don’t have all the time in the world. When I was younger, I certainly never cared. Spending a whole day playing a video game or 3 nights of roleplaying sessions, no big thing. I still think that was a cool time, but being an adult, just don’t have the time to do those anymore.

      Didn’t know you had messed around with Rocksmith. That’s a fun one, but I didn’t put the regular time into it, to progress much. Back when I was learning guitar, I had to play at least an hour each day, just to learn a piece or two. About the same with painting I noticed.

      Jiu Jitsu was one of the martial arts I would have really liked to get into, but didn’t have a dojo in the area. Have you tried other martial arts in the past?

      Also, sorry to hear about the leg, hope it gets better or at the very least bearable. Injuries just seem to get worse and worse as we get older.

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      1. I wish I was putting a dent in them. Truth be told, I’m falling further backward at a rate of knots, as I’m buying a lot more than I’m painting these days. Perhaps not the smartest philosophy, but it’s where I am right now… I’ll still occasionally indulge in way too much time on a videogame, but unfortunately, RPG sessions are rare as hen’s teeth these days. (And I have to DM them too often!)
        I haven’t done a whole lot of JJ, but I’ve never really done any others – again, the time commitment as well as travel, but really, it’s trying to fit stuff into weekday evenings or Saturday mornings that’s the hardest part of the MA commitment.

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        1. Hmmm, I do get the whole ‘buying more than I’m painting’ thing, but you have way more painted models now than you did at the start of the year. And much, much more since you set about your goals and got the competitions going. You’re definitely the most successful painter I’ve seen outside, of the “It’s done!” dippers!

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          1. Damn I’m tied. I just replied to the wrong followup post, because I’d forgotten I’d replied to it. DERP!
            I think Altsain is the most prolific painter I’ve seen outside of dippers, and while he’s very open that many of his R&F models aren’t perfect up close, they look bloody good en masse, and he has a *hugely* impressive output!

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      2. Yeah, lots of games suffered/missed out as a result of my playing grindy MMOs for many years. EQ, WoW, and now (much more relaxed) ESO (mostly because a friend is addicted to it). So now I do my best to play other things as much as time and interest allows. Though I find it hard to play high-intensity videogames for long periods, so games with short campaigns like CoD end up taking me weeks or longer rather than a single 5-hour afternoon. Wish I could get more Roleplaying done, but I’m not super open to meeting new people and much less gregarious IRL these days than in my youth. Result is that my RPG group is the same as my videogame and board game group, and we end up mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online at the moment. (and a bit of Imperial Assault).
        Just (a little) Jiu Jitsu. Problem was that I got a shoulder injury shortly after I started (not from it), but it didn’t help, though I did continue sporadically. Then last year, Marouda had a leg injury with a long rehab (we started doing JJ together, and you know how last year ended! Now I’ve had my own knee injury since February, which my Workcover has only finally gotten approved about a month ago (mostly due to chasing it up not being the priority from the business manager, and the wrong insurers being listed in the contacts area still), so now I’m just starting to get proper treatment, though it’s gotten worse in the interim. Off for an MRI on Monday! Fun!

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        1. Oh man. I had a a minor work injury when I was much younger, luckily insurance helped cover things, but paperwork took a long time, and I had no income for a couple weeks, but couldn’t qualify for any assistance either. Sucky times. Hope everything works out for you both!

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  6. The wizard there really gives me a Conan vibe.

    Modeling and painting (and a much too small amount of playing) is all I really consider to be my hobbies these days. I read and watch TV shows and movies and stuff, but those are just kind of things I do as “baseline” activities, if that makes sense. I did martial arts for years, but since moving away from my original Dojo for college, I never managed to find another that I liked as well. All the others seemed to treat it more as a sport rather than, well, almost a way of life like that Sensei did. I sometimes think about trying to take up my bass or keyboards again, but my mental health issues make that so frustrating that it never really works out.

    I do sometimes find myself bored, but it’s never for lack of things to do, but due to lack of energy (from depression/insomnia) and/or executive function issues, because parts of my brain are broken.


    1. Yea, I can see that with the Wizard. Magic always strikes me as pretty weird in the Conan stories, mainly from D&D defining magic for me early on. It tends to be very low powered at times in Conan, and rare.

      Yep, I think I can relate to “baseline” activities. I think of those as things I do, that are entertaining or relaxing, but not necessarily my passion.

      Does brain functioning ever interfere with miniature painting? I get the feeling as I’ve learned things in painting they just feel ingrained and I don’t have to think about it. Definitely never reached that stage in music though, and it requires a lot of thought (and lots of frustration) just to get through easy pieces.

      I feel the same way about rpg groups as your sensei. Just never found a DM that is even close to what my brother was like. It helps that we both knew the same references and similar sense of humor, and that’s just hard to match.


    1. Sounds like some good hobbies. Don’t know why this just triggered, but the Greeks talked about learning while doing athletic activities. Think that was from Voltaire?

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