Pushing Through

Pushing Through

Just a freeform post today. I started to respond to a comment and it was getting long, so I’ll throw it out as a post and see what bites.

As I mentioned last time, we had a wondrous vacation.

Some gorgeous weather on the island that day.

The trip to the Museum of Modern Pop in Seattle was a blast. I especially loved the Marvel Comics exhibit, which had on display original movie/tv costumes, original art, etc.



Original Comic Art on display from private collections. I was really surprised to see some of the works of art in person. The Frank Miller Daredevil art was a teenage dream come true.

We also had a blast at the music lab. Different instruments are setup in booths with guided lights and applications to help you learn how to play. They even have a couple sound booths with regular instruments to bang on.

Here’s the little one playing DJ.

Great fun all around.

Though on getting back, I caught a debilitating bug that pretty much had me in bed for two days. Note: when you have a toddler, you can’t really rest in bed all day. Which will make one yearn for the pre-toddler days, briefly. I’m feeling way better than I was, but not at 100% yet.

But there has been this nagging, that I really need to get some painting done. And it hasn’t really been happening. When I brought this up last time, people mentioned just pushing through. Also, taking a break. Yea, it’s much easier for me to just waste away some hours playing Conan Exiles, but…those minis aren’t going to paint themselves.

So the night before last, I decided to at least paint some bits. I’m just a few bits shy of completing the first Van Saar mini, so I really should get that done. His base is done, he’s been highlighted, so all I need is a few damned bits painted, glued on, and he’s DONE. So I started on those, and it wasn’t bad.

Then last night I told myself, flip those bits over and paint the other sides the base purple color. Fair enough. They still need metal parts painted, some wash, and highlight, but hey. Then I take out 3 unpainted minis and I know they need base colors. So we’re going to work on 1 base color. I want to play computer and there is a TV show I’m supposed to be finishing with the wife and I need some sleep to get better, but I’m going to do this first. If I just paint one shoe…that’s one shoe closer to having the mini done. As I mentioned above, the mini isn’t going to paint itself, and I would like to have some minis to play this increasingly expensive Necromunda game.

Of course, once I painted the shoe, I started tackling harder parts of the mini (I do not find painting Van Saar armor layers fun, at all). After awhile I had finished the green base layer. But there was still paint on the palette…so I decided to get cracking on the second mini. If I could get most of that one done, then I’d have 1.5 minis to work on the next night.

After awhile it dawned on me, that this is the same mental game I used to play with myself when I was marathon training. “If I make it just up to that next hill…I can stop an rest” (knowing full well, that I won’t). Or sometimes I would tell myself….just go 1 more mile. I got that from personal trainers that teach fitness classes in our school, so credit where credit is due. But it strikes me as kind of funny, as last time I talked about this, I couldn’t think of how to apply that to miniature painting, but I inadvertently did.

So the goal is to keep pushing to get some painting done every night or day. Even if it’s not much, it’s making progress, and that will add up in the end. Chances are if I push myself to paint, I’m going to get more done than I planned anyways.

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  1. See, now that’s starting to sound like you making progress, bit by bit! I’m currently trying to paint some US Army vehicles for WW2; it’s easier to finish one and go on to the next, because that gets one out of the way; but, if I do the basic shading on them all first, I’ve got the most laborious bits on all of them out of the way and that makes it easier to finish them all one by one later (hope that makes sense). So although I don’t like leaving them about 60% finished and moving on to the next one, in the long run it should be easier (I’ve got a bit more time this week than I expect to have in the next few weeks).
    Thanks for sharing the vacation pics! Looked like it was fun!

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    1. That’s kind of what I did last night. I got the first base color done on one mini. Then I thought “Why not start in on a second, since I have paint sitting on the palette. Ok, let’s make it less tedious by doing the harder parts on this one first.”. Which means tonight, I can finish that one pretty quickly and get cracking on the next. I’d love to paint all of these guys at once, but given the grind, I think I’m better of painting a few at a time. It worked well for the Goliaths, so might as well try it again.

      I don’t know if consistency is ever an issue with what you’re doing, but doing them all around the same time, usually does help with painting consistency too.

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  2. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step. I think that’s how the saying goes. Another one is “How do you eat an elephant?” – one mouth full at a time! You’re on your way! Nice photos by the way. Hope you are feeling better too.

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  3. Random reactions:
    1) The Museum of Modern Pop sounds really cool. I’ll have to check it out one of these days.
    2) On the comics stuff: I’m actually playing Marvel Puzzle Quest as I read this. Grinding out some of the parts that don’t need much attention while checking blogs.
    3) Still on comics stuff: I have a couple of two-degrees of separation connections to comics folks. My step-dad worked with Stan Lee on one of the early attempts at making 3D films, and I found out recently that an acquaintance of mine is married to Tim Sale. Neither actually means anything, but I think it’s kind of cool.
    4) I’ve also been having some success with basically the same approach to painting. I sit down to do just a couple of little details on something, and then next thing I know, it’s like an hour later, and I’ve got a bunch done. Pretty cool, really.

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    1. Haha….I got two hours, and barely a dent. Ah, so slow.

      Oh wow, that’s super cool that an acquaintance of yours is married to Tim Sale. Long Halloween is pretty awesome. My brother wanted to go into comics for a long time. Got offered a Colorist job at Dark Horse, but he only wanted to pencil. He ended up being a Cook, instead of an artist. Growing up with him, gave me a healthy appreciation for comic art though. I’m another life, maybe I would have dedicated myself to finding an artistic job, but it just doesn’t come very natural for me, and I also like to eat.

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      1. When I say “a bunch”, I mean relative to what I sat down intending to do. As a percentage of the entire to-do pile, it’s a rounding error.

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  4. Nothing wrong with pushing yourself. I do with my work especially. When it comes to the hobby though I like the fact that it’s all up to me. There’s. O criteria, there’s no client, theres no one to please apart from me. I guess I push myself with technique but if I don’t feel like hobbying that’s that. I’d rather do it when I really want to. Sounds like you had a ball at the museum dude. That hulk smash is ace!!

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    1. Yea, I’d share even more pics, but most were behind glossy glass, which makes picture taking really sucky. It was so much fun. They had three of the Iron Man costumes on display.
      I also got to see the Alien costume in their SciFi section. Plus the music section was just a blast.

      On minis, I don’t know, there are the people who read your blog and are going to drop off or critique things. Though with this community, that doesn’t seem like much of an issue. We’re all pretty cool here. I can be a pretty harsh critic on myself though. I know full well how much I can or can’t do. Whether I cut corners, etc. so I guess I take some of that too seriously. Just my nature and it’s what pushes me to do better. Doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun and relaxing for me.

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  5. I go through waves. Sometimes a mini really grabs my attention and it gets the full works really quickly, other times some of them sit on the board for months as I lack the inspiration to finish them and they just get a bit done here and there. The hardest thing for me is to juggle the family/work and hobby time. The hobby always ends up the loser.

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    1. That just means you’re a good family guy! I’ve tried sharing the boardgame and comics hobby with our teen, with some interest there. Miniature painting looks like too much work to him. Will see what happens as the Toddler gets older.

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  6. Sometimes I get very little done, my French Indians wars stuff took a long time as at certain points I was painting, for example, just the base flesh colour on twelve 15mm figures. The thing is,they get there in the end.

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  7. I decided to set myself the challenge of painting as frequently as possible this year rather than go for a set target of painted miniatures. It’s worked out nicely, as I’m reaching my goal of 10-12 painting days per month and getting more done!

    It’s nice to occasionally paint up something you know will be quick as a bit of a reward.

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    1. Yea, it seems when I make/set the time, more gets done. Especially if I’m on a routine. I think my main trouble has always been getting back on track when that routine gets broken.

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  8. Bits and pieces. Doesn’t matter if you don’t get anything done on some days, as long as you keep your hand in and keep it reasonably regular. Dave is completely right with it being nice to paint some quick stuff. Scatter has been doing that for me while I’ve been so busy with work.

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    1. It’s been more bits and pieces than I’d like, but every bit is a step forward. Sometimes it’s helpful to just take some minis out and look at them. After that I also reviewed my paint list, to see how far I am through the base paints. Any little bit is going to help.

      Not sure if the Dwarves fall under neglected models, as I think it’s 6 months or more? But some of them look like they are super close to being done. I’m going to make some more headway on the Van Saar tonight and then inventory the Dwarves.


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