Old Mini Monday 15 – Fantasy 05

Old Mini Monday 15 – Fantasy 05


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.


Fighter w. Crossbow (826 – Julie Guthrie’s Fantasy Personalities)




Grenadier –  Julie Guthrie’s Fantasy Personalities.

Just the one this week. I think this was a single fantasy Grenadier model, so I snapped the pic of him by his lonesome. I kind of wish I had taken a pic of him beside another mini, just for scale. I think some of the Grenadier models were slightly smaller scale than Ral Partha at times. Otherwise I would say this is a pretty good Grenadier model, and in my experience that was not often the case. Game wise, don’t have much history for this one. Likely used by the Game Master for all sorts of roles, guard, fighter, knight, henchman, etc.
Tangent – Keep On, Keeping On

As of writing right now, things haven’t been so great on the painting front. I got the base colors done for the Van Saar mini I’m working on, and it seemed to take a lot out of me. One of my friends also talked me into playing Conan Exiles with him around the same time. Then there were guests, hot weather, and the usual chaotic family life.

Some of that just seems like excuses in my head though. After the weather cooled off (which is back to hot now) and the guests left, and I got my painting area set back up, and finished off the base colors on the mini….it should have a been a home run and a prompt start on painting several minis at once. Well, it didn’t.

It took me several nights to add just a few highlights, sometimes doing only 1 color a night. Then I got the mini to a point where I could add him to a base. But “Ohhhhhh nooooo, the bases haven’t been painted yet!”. So add several nights of basically only applying one layer at a time to the base, and neglecting the actual mini.

I certainly could do more, but this seems like a bit of burn out. I am trying to push myself to keep at it, even if it is just plopping some paint on bases. My thought is, just keep at it, and things will get better. I really need to reach that “Aha! I can see the finish line!” stage, and that might take a bit longer, but at least tackling a bit at a time, will get me there.


Oh yea, this isn’t a “Poor Faust! You can do it Faust!” sort of post. I’m sure most of us have been there, and just want others to know they are not alone. I will no doubt get past it, possibly by the time this is posted.

Things that help

Routine. I’m a creature of habit. If I can get myself on a consistent routine, without deviation, I can pretty much repeat over and over. Probably why I got the nickname “robot” when I used to run all the time. Running everyday, rain or shine. With the chaos of kids, I’ve found setting routines like that is about impossible. The best I’ve managed, is getting some paint time in whenever the toddler sleeps.

Setting Goals. I have a goal to get some minis painted for use with some games I want to play. That’s a pretty good driver for me. Also painting challenges are a really useful tool for getting things done.

Setting mini-goals. I haven’t been too successful at this, but it helps if you break big projects into smaller parts and tackle them that way. Again, back when I was running, I would often push myself by lying to myself “If I just make it to the top of this hill, then I can quit”. Of course, once I got there, it was easier to run downhill, so I would continue on to the next hill. I knew that I wasn’t really going to quit, but somehow that spurred me on. Not sure if I could ever translate that same technique over to painting, but I’ll let you know if I do.

Music. Having some background noise helps me get ‘in the zone’ and focus. Keeping me on track with painting. Music is actually a really big inspiration to me.

Prep. This probably should have been #1. Remove any and all obstacles that might give me an excuse not to paint. Again, back to my running days, I would always have my stuff ready. Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, throw on the clothes, and bam, hit the street. Don’t even need to think about it. With painting, that means having minis prepped for painting, having my workspace setup with paints and brushes right where they should be, and everything ready to go. Throw some water in the rinse glass, and get on it.

Let me know your experience with the ‘hobby blues’ and how you manage to get past them.


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  1. I can relate to a lot of this, although I haven’t got kids, but if you can still get bits done in amongst family life that’s good going! When I got married I realised I’d have to make changes, gave a lot of wargames stuff away and didn’t paint much, but I gradually got back into it. I paint less now I think, but always try and do one thing each day, even if it’s prepare a couple of bases or undercoat something! Even just 10 minutes and I feel like it’s progress! You’ll get there and it’s great that you’re sharing your journey with the rest of us!

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    1. Thanks JNV! Yea, my wife doesn’t necessarily understand my hobby, but she sometimes finds it interesting and is glad it’s not a loud obnoxious hobby (like say, playing drums).

      I’ve been doing bits of this and that. But not as much as I was before. I think I’ve slowly fallen out of the habit of hobbying every chance I get. The competing computer game time (which is much easier to do), has been winning lately. Over the weekend I tackled a little bit, and I’ll try to pick up the pace and push myself to do more painting as I go.

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  2. I’m also with you. Between work, my 2 1/2 yr old and spending quality time with the wife, hobby time becomes limited. It does seem that I have to choose between that and some gaming. I also love my music but my favourite time is when the missies has gone out, my daughter is in bed and I can sit down for a few hours painting whilst watching some sort of movie.

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    1. Yea, similar thing at my house. Little one goes down for a nap, so does the Wife. Teenager plays computer games, and so I usually hobby away.

      Finding time to do it all, can be a big challenge though. I keep saying “when I retire…!”.

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  3. There is work and there is hobby time. With work you can feel shit, bored demotivated, uninspired, under valued and unwell but at the end of the day you get up, go in, take the shit and get on with it because you have to get paid to pay the bills. You can beat yourself up but you don’t have a great deal of choice. With a hobby you can get bored, frustrated, uninspired and pulled in directions that other life events take you in but, and it’s a big but you can give yourself permission to take time off, regroup and chill. Your mojo will come back because you love your hobby, your just probably knackered and frustrated. Don’t beat yourself, just relax and don’t over analyse. Something will ignite your creative juices and then you’ll be good for the next six months at least until the next time! Happens to us all.

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          1. I was going to add almost the exact comment as TIM. There are plenty of times in life where you have to get the task done even when you don’t want to. Hobby time shouldn’t be like that. If you’re not in the mood you can just do something else. The mojo will come back in good time.

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            1. Thanks Argentbadger. I still find that sometimes pushing myself helps to get past those stumbling blocks. Then again, sometimes just taking a break will do the same. So it’s hard to say. I know I was on a roll with painting every night for awhile. I have a feeling as I get back into it and the weather starts to cool down, things will be much better once again.

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              1. Sometimes you need a break, but in the last year or so, I’ve found that for some figures when the mojo doesn’t come back you need to treat it like work and just knuckle down and get it done.
                How long will it take to finish? Maybe 2 hours? Ok, time to get to work and get this ****ing thing done and off my table. (I’ll swear like a sailor when I feel like it on my own blog, I’m nicer on other people’s)
                The really odd/funny thing is that I’ve found so often that a figure that is a right uninspiring horrible pain to paint to the point of actively disliking the thing turns into a model I’m actually quite fond of once it’s done. Go figure!

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                1. There is a comic artist who said a similar thing, usually his best work was stuff that he had no emotional attachment to. That seems so counter-intuitive.

                  Yea, gauging time is a pretty good trick. I keep thinking about the Dwarves sitting in the drawers, and now that I’ve learned a bit and know what it takes to finish them off, they really aren’t that far away from being done. They could be making an appearance in a future neglected models challenge, for sure.


  4. That fighter actually holds up really well. Run a bit of a wash over the metal and flesh for a little extra definition on the details, and he’d look pretty good.

    Smaller goals definitely help. I was getting stuck on the mass of Daemonettes I need for OFCC in a couple of weeks, and then eventually decided not to worry about three dozen, but just do two every night. Once I got going with that, I found I actually settled into 4-6 of them each night.

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    1. Nice! Yea, I was trying to paint my whole Blood Bowl Dwarf team at once. That just seems like too much. I fared much better doing 3 models at a time with the Necromunda gangers. Once I get back to the Dwarves, tackling a few at once will be my new strategy.

      Interesting that you mentioned a wash on the mini. My friend tried to introduce washes to my brother, and he hated it. Granted there is a really good chance my friend over did it, and they probably didn’t follow up with highlights or anything. So I can understand why he was probably upset about it.

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      1. My method is similar – Batch paint to a point – armour, washes, broad strokes stuff, then when it gets to the point of becoming much harder, drop to two or three at a time, then to one at a time. Get them done, then get another three, repeat.

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  5. Depends really, if you’ve got a goal you’re working towards that you need to have certain models painted for – a game for instance – then you just need to get your head down and crack on. But otherwise this is just for fun, TIM summed it up better than I can. I generally just relax and do something else knowing that sooner or later, normally sooner, the creative spark will reignite.

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    1. Yea, my painting is game-dependent. So most times it’s just push past. Though with Azazel’s Challenges, I find I get side-tracked thinking about other stuff too. Not in a bad way.

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  6. My hobby will never be work and it’s the one place that there is no pressure. I sometimes get into a bit of lull but I find changing things up with the hobby works a treat. For instance if I start to get a bit tired of painting I’ll do some model conversions. Or if I’m over clipping and glueing plastic I’ll make some terrain. I try to do some hobby stuff at least two to tree times a week. Nice model too man. I like his stance. What music do you like to listen to? I find if I’m doing the hobby during the day I want heavy shit but if it’s in the evening/night I like old 50s and 60s rock n roll and blues.

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    1. Well, last night I planned on doing a little bit…but the toddler just drained all my energy like a soul sucking vampire. I’ve heard of parents being totally exhausted before, and I think I’m starting to understand that a bit more. So no paints, but just some vegging in front of the computer and then TV. Painting often takes a bit of thinking on my part, and sometimes some energy. I’m still doing bits here and there, but have to be patient with whatever progress I’m making. The good news is I should at least have something really small to share for August. It will be like a two word post from Azazel “Um, okay?”. Haha.

      I sometimes think I listen to “all kinds of music”, but 1) There is a lot of music out there 2) I often will meet people who list to *ALL* kinds of music, that makes my ‘all kinds of music’ pale in comparison.

      I’ll listen to just about any genre. Not big into rap, don’t really like country/folk (though daughter and I sing “Country Roads” by John Denver all the time now). Mom used to sing country songs whenever we drove anywhere, teen years were filled with lots of heavy metal/rock, then alternative, then techno/industrial, some pop songs, some jazz, some classical. I really love more modern jazz/lounge music. Some of the bands I’ve liked are Ozzy Osbourne, Portishead, Faith No More, NIN, Tori Amos, Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins, Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Metric, The Killers, etc. You’ll likely see more of these bands, as I do song dedications to cap off projects. 😉

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      1. Oh wow I thought I was the only Portishead fan. All the bands you listed I enjoy. My mates are all into just heavy stuff. It makes me laugh when we put my ipod/phone on and you’ll hear Metallica and then Buddy Holly haha. They all turn their noses up and say what’s this shit? They have no souls. Hey man when it comes to your toddler have you taught her to sleep? I’m a 100% not trying to tell you what to do but for all three of my daughters I taught them how to sleep. Just like teaching them to walk, talk, eat etc. initially it’s not easy but it works. From the age of about 6 months I had all three of my girls sleeping from 7pm to 7am. Even now the 4 year old goes to bed at 7:30 and doesn’t wake until 7-7:30am. It’s great because it means there’s an end to the shift. It used to be called controlled crying not sure what it’s called now. It’s a controversial topic because, of course, no one wants to hear their baby cry. However all my girls are well rounded happy and well rested. So for us the proof is there that it works. Anyway it’s just an idea for you. I’m honestly not trying to tell you what to do. Sounds to me like you’re a great dad. I’m just trying to help you get more hobby time in haha. The best analogy I can give is it’s like teaching a kid to ride a bike. It’s hard at first and they might fall and hurt themselves but we don’t stop trying to teach them. It’s the same with sleeping.

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        1. Not the only one. And thanks for not judging, haha! I kind of hate it when people judge by music tastes. Everyone pretty much likes their own stuff. The only time I really take umbrage is when people only like one style (or worse, 1 band!), and put down everyone who doesn’t have the same likes. There is so much out there to experience.
          I might not like Country anymore, but some people do, and they have the right to enjoy it!

          Well, toddlers and sleeping. I’ve talked to many other parents and she seems about “normal”. One of our friends has a daughter who sleeps 7-7, and I was envious. BUT she takes no naps and turns into a whiny pants part of the day. Another friends kid, also sleeps a bit earlier, but throws total fits and punches people if she doesn’t get to bed right on time. I can tell you half a dozen more. Our toddler takes about a 2 hour nap, midday. Goes to sleep around 8-9, and wakes up right at 7. When she was a baby, it was much worse, awake every 2 hours. So we feel pretty good now. A big key was moving her to own room, and then she started sleeping through the night.

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          1. Actually 9-7 isn’t too bad. I was under the impression it was crazy hehe. One thing I do to get motivated is read blogs or look at pictures on Instagram in the evening. This often prompts me to get off my arse/ass and actually do something. I’m a late night person so if the kids are all sorted out I’ve been known to crack on with the hobby til 1am. Then get up at 6:30 or 7am haha. I think I have too much energy sometimes which is surprising because my work is very labour intensive. On the music thing I met someone once who only listened to Neil Diamond, refused to listen to anyone else because she said everyone else was shit. Needless to say we didn’t chat for long haha

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            1. Lol, you just didn’t know the power of Neil Diamond!

              Yep, I’m usually asleep around 12, get up at 6. Exercise gives me even more energy. When I was running, I had tons. I ran a full marathon, caught my breath after a sprint at the end, then walked all around downtown. And I drove us for several hours back home. I had more energy at the time, than I did in my 20s. Crazy.

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        2. Def not the only Portishead fan around here. I love putting my whole music library on shuffle. Bob Marley to Bolt Thrower to Bach to Lorde to Johnny Cash to Dirty Knobs to Dire Straits to Sepultura. A friend of mine once described it as sonic whiplash 😀

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          1. Wow, that really does sound like some sonic whiplash! I’m not sure who Bolt Thrower is. I should listen to more Johnny Cash sometime, I think I had a couple albums for a bit. Probably around the time that he covered Hurt, or when the movie came out. Of course, I knew about him long before that, but just listened to his stuff when I heard it on the radio or on some movie.


            1. Bolt Thrower are the heaviest band I’ve ever heard. Other bands are faster, or louder, or more extreme, but I’ve never heard anything else that matches them for sheer weight of sound. When I’m exhausted, but I absolutely have to keep going, it’s either them or Tom Waits that keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

              They actually did a 40K themed concept album called Realm of Chaos back in the day. Not their best, but it’s got some good stuff.

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        1. I’m not into them as much as I was. Funny thing, most my girlfriend’s ex’s were really into Portishead. So that kind of turned me off, as I didn’t want to be associated with their creepy ex-partners. But seems like just about every dude likes Portishead. It’s probably been long enough, that I should start giving them a spin again.

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  7. You guys take me back on the toddler discussion. I’m now a grandfather with a 20-month-old granddaughter. So, the only problem that I get with hobby time is if we have to watch her which of course is well worth it.

    I find that I have a lot more time to do hobbies, but I take the same philosophy as on the golf course. That is to say, a bad day at golf beats a good day at work. I push myself to do a good job at a project, but quality first productivity second.

    As I may have mentioned, I have been dealing with some problematic medical issues for the last two years. I’m hoping to get back to work soon. The good news is, that it has given me more time to do hobbies especially miniatures. The bad news is obvious. But I will recover, and I already have buried more friends and classmates than I care to mention. I just keep checking the obituaries in the newspaper, and if my name is not there it’s a good day! But I am a bit cynical…

    Hell, you can look at my blog and see what I look like. I think I’m doing OK, but a lot of other people my age are starting to have some very serious health problems.

    Back to Hobbies…However, I find that I get more upset when I haven’t had the chance to work on something for a while. Alternatively, if I try a new approach and it does not work, I look at it as a learning experience despite the fact that I’ll be a bit miffed with myself.

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    1. Haha, I’ve always had a morbid sense of humor, so the obituary comment cracked me up! 😀

      I wish for the best of health to ya, just so I can keep reading your blog. Selfish of me! 😉

      Wife and I are old enough to have had grandkids already, so it will be interesting to see how things develop. Seems like people are having kids later and later these days, so who knows.

      I feel the same about new approaches most times, only if it was a total wash and waste of materials do I get irritable about it. Either way it is something learned. If I had more hobby time, I’d probably spend a chunk of time just experimenting as well.

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  8. With three kids running about and then wanting to go various places I generally start painting at 21.00 when they all go to bed. Funnily enough, of late sometimes I manage only a small amount of painting. I started doing stuff in work over my lunch break to try and keep the momentum going. I was going to do something on Friday and then realised everything was T home.

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    1. Oh man. Yea, I’ve tried ‘migrating my hobby’ when guests come over, but always end up forgetting something. I’m the same, paining is when the toddler sleeps, and things starts to calm down.

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