Necromunda Goliaths pt 05a – Addendum

Necromunda Goliaths pt 05a – Addendum


I completed a team of 6 Necromunda Goliath gang members, as part of Azazel’s Junit Miniature painting challenge:

This post is an addendum to the one above, as there were a few items I had forgotten. One of the guy’s shoulder didn’t come out the way I wanted and needed a small bit. I forgot to add a song dedication, ala Mark A. Morin (kudos man!). Lastly, I have been playing around with the smartphone camera, trying to snap better pics, and I think I might be on to something.


Song Dedication

Mark A. Morin has cleverly added a ‘song dedication’ in some of his posts. I thought that’s a great way to mark an accomplishment of completing a miniature painting project. As well as adding some atmosphere to the piece, and sharing a bit of one’s musical tastes.

For the Goliaths, I went with a band I once listened to, that was a bit dark, edgy, and electronic. The lead singer certainly looks to be Goliath material.


Miniature Fix

So this guy’s shoulder ended up looking a little weird to me.

Doctor sez “Your right deltoid needs some fixing!”

I fiddled with it, added some green stuff, yada, yada. At some angles it looks just fine, but others “wonky”. Several people kindly suggested some fixes and IRO (aka the Imperial Rebel Orc) pointed out that it’s situated the same on the Games Workshop site. The difference is that they threw a shoulder pad on top of his shoulder to “fix it”! Yea, it was all a little maddening, but in the end things worked out and I’m good with what he looks like now:

Shoulder pads for the win


Photography is not a four-letter word

Or at least it shouldn’t be. It certainly has been a tricky one for me. I might write up a Tool Tips at some point with all the trials and tribulations, but for today…just wanted to share a couple decent pics I managed to snap. Will I be able to continue getting decent pics next time?! Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.

Before we launch in, I just want to share the following post that really helped me to snap some nice photos. Ross’s post seemingly popped into my WordPress Reader at just the right time, and touched on a few things I was missing. Like I said, there might be more stuff for a Tool Tips later on.

Ross from Tales From the Aaronorium – Photographing Miniatures

And here’s the pics!

I like how the skin colors are showing up this time around, and not too much overexposure. Detail is a bit sharper too.

As a test, I took a pic against the old backdrop I had had been using. The mini is still looking a little better in the photo, but I’m not liking the drab effect of that backdrop. The Necromunda box background is a bit too busy though, so I’ll be looking for something else.

New photo tricks with old backdrop


Lastly here’s a comparison shot between one of the older photos and the newest.

(Newest photo on the left, Older photo on the right)

The colors in the photo on the right look pretty washed out. Like I said, I don’t think the backdrop was necessarily helping there either. The new photo on the right, looks much closer to the colors of the actual model. The rust and skin colors are showing up nicely. The only issue on that particular photo is that the base is much darker than it should be. I can probably fix that easily by adjusting the light angle.

Wrap Up

Thanks for checking out the addendum to the Goliath gangers posts. Hope you had fun following along, and the next wave of Van Saar ganger posts should be coming out soon. Good luck with all your projects!

19 thoughts on “Necromunda Goliaths pt 05a – Addendum

  1. Photographing miniatures has been the bane of my life, I still delete most of the ones I take (whilst swearing creatively). The whole gang is looking really good (I’m loving the dude with the two knives) and the added shoulderpad has really helped fix the guy with the wonky shoulder. Good choice of song as well. I must admit I’ve also spent considerable time thinking about what songs my gangs would listen to.

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    1. Thanks man! I’m glad to have snapped a photo that actually did them some justice.

      The song choice was much tougher than I thought. My first inclination was to include songs that I was listening to while painting them, but that was everything from Counting Crows to Metallica. Second though was to go with something Punk, as they definitely have a Punk look. But, I must admit, I don’t know my Punk rock very well at all. I’ve tried listening to some, but just never caught on with me. I have listened to a lot of techno, industrial, etc. So The Prodigy seemed a decent fit.

      Yea, two-knives guy, Gym “Scissor-Knives” Dred, as I’ve dubbed him, is totally your fault. I think it was after a conversation we were having that I thought more and more about what sort of changes I could make to the gang. Not having much time, I went with a small change that would get my gang some more melee weapons, and still finish for Junit. He just became more and more interesting to me as I worked on him too. Seems to be a hit! Only 5 creds per autograph right now. 😉


  2. Photography is not a four letter word, but it is a process that can involve the use of a lot of them!

    Those pics are definitely showing these guys off way better. They looked pretty good before, but more like great now. A little more light from above would probably help the base to show up more clearly.

    I might have to start doing theme songs for my stuff as well. A number of them already have lyrics in the post, or as a reference in the title, might as well go on and put the whole song in there. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Alexis! It’s funny as the family were ogling the minis once I finished, so I knew they must be passable at least. But I really wasn’t very happy with the photos the first time around. I’ll probably still be working on the photog end, but at least this time I think I got an idea of how to at least get decent pics. Definitely should do a write-up at some point.

      Do theme songs! It’s such a cool idea. One, I’m always interested in new music. Two, it adds even more depth to either the minis, or even just personal tastes of the person behind the scenes. I think IRO first got me thinking about music quite a bit with his revealing post about himself as a musician, and then Mark Morin further inspired me with his song dedication videos. Just an amazing way to capstone a project.

      Thanks again!


  3. Yep, got agree with everyone on this! New shoulder pads are spot on and the new pictures really do bring out the colours! Great stuff!
    And, despite being an old git, I’ve always liked the Prodigy! Surprises some of my younger colleagues at work, who tend to think of me as a bit too serious/square I’m sure!

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  4. The colours on the new shots are definitely much improved. If I can be (hopefully) constructive critically, I’d say that the box is a bit too bust in places, and puts up a lot of visual noise behind the models. Consider perhaps also looking at some photography backgrounds (just google that phrase) then print out in A3 or whatever arcane paper size you Americans use that’s about 2x Letter, and blu-tacing that to the upright background (aka the box) for the same effect that Ross has with his bendy white paper.
    It’s been awhile since I listed to The Prodigy. The 90’s were such a good time for music…

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    1. Hey Az, yea, you are spot on about the box! Don’t worry about the criticism. 😉

      I think I mentioned it in the post, and I likely won’t use the box in the background again, because it’s pretty busy. Though it is kind of cool for a loud ‘Bully Boys’ background image. Thanks for the tip on “photography background”. I had searched high and low for a long time. “Muslin” background is another decent one. I made my own using photoshop and printing it out, but I don’t think I got the brightness quite right. That’s what the faded brown Muslin background is, that I’ve used in a lot of photos.

      Going forward, I’ll either try finding a better background, printing up something new, or I may just pony up for one of these:

      I do love the 90s music. It’s been fun revisiting the good (and the bad) while painting away. 🙂

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        1. I hadn’t looked at that, maybe they can distribute to a local store? I keep thinking about ordering one, but then want other stuff on the site too, and then I talk myself out of spending too much! 😉

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  5. The shoulder pad looks good man. With photography all I use is my iPhone but I’ve discovered a few key things along the way. 1. Use the tap focus option on the iPhone with every shot. (If you can quite focus up close focus from further away instead and then crop during editing.). 2. Backdrops make a huge difference weather it’s just black or white or some cool box artwork. What I like to do some of the time is find cool images on line to print off and have as a backdrop. A backdrop should just enhance the model though not detract away from it. 3. Editing. Now I used to use filters etc but really they don’t show the models colours properly so now I crop, adjust brightness, contrast and sometimes warmth and saturation. Another thing I like to add is the bignette (subtle dark shadowy border). This also helps the eye zero in on the model. Reading over what I said sounds complicated but it really isn’t. I’m certainly no photographer but I’ve learnt to enjoy the process and challenge myself. Another thing that might help is taking photos of the minis head on or even from their ground level up. Of that makes sense? That way the viewer feels like they’re almost standing opposite the model as opposed to looking slightly down on it. You’re photos definitely look good though man so keep pushing yourself. I see so many great models photographed badly and for me it makes all the difference. Sorry, one more thing so errrr… 4. Lighting is key too. If you’re under artificial light make sure the model isn’t in direct light as you’ll get glare or shine.

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    1. Thanks IRO! All great tips. I use the focus, but often I’ll go to snap the pic and then the iPhone has shifted. I used a tripod recently and that helped a bit. My phone could use an upgrade, which would give me a bit better camera too. It’s about 3 years old now. I always said “I don’t care about a new, better camera!”. Little did I know. So all a work in progress!

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