Necromunda Goliaths pt 02

Necromunda Goliaths pt 02

The eagle eyed amongst you, might have noticed something unusual on the Goliath minis. Granted, you would have to be pretty familiar with the minis to really notice. If I did manage to sneak it by, then my hope of concealing the small change paid off!




So what did I change? Like a comic supervillain I will now reveal my master plan. Feel free to try and escape in the meantime!


Gotta love Doctor Doom!


Still here?

Like most games, the characters (gangers) in Necromunda can be outfitted with different equipment and weapons. The Necromunda set comes with different little bits such as frag and krak grenades, knives, respirators, and stim stashes. Pretty cool stuff.


Mmmmmmm, war gear.


While building the models, I didn’t want to limit a model by permanently gluing equipment to them. Solution? Magnets!

Yes, I added magnets to the minis. Specifically on their belts. The magnets I had were either a little too big or a little too small, some quick online shopping took care of that issue.

Placing the magnets, I determined that the back of the mini would be the best bet. So on the first mini, I placed two magnets on the belt by drilling out small holes. Then I thought that was overkill and only placed one for each of the following minis. Of course, I had the “bright idea” to place magnets after some initial painting *sigh*, and had to repaint some of those minis. Luckily, the other 3 minis were just primed, so I could add the magnets and reprime those areas pretty easily.


Conversion/Custom work is best done *before* painting!


Then how do I attach the gear to the belt? Another magnet? Too bulky for tiny equipment pieces. So I added a small metal wire to the “underside” of each item. Painted it to match the rest of the item, in the interest of concealing the wire.

Little wires glued to the war gear pieces. Then (re) primed with some brush on primer.


All in all, things seemed to go pretty well and the items hold nicely. My main worry was paint scratching off the magnet, so I might need to invest in something more durable than the Dullcote spray.

Around that time I didn’t have access to my paints, thanks to house guests taking up all the rooms. I did have the Orlock box that I had smuggled out though. So I decided to take a stab at building one….and it looks like some of their gear is molded onto the model. Also, checking out the Van Saar later on, it looks like their grenades are pretty tiny and would probably end up getting lost if not glued to the model. So my experiment was a bit unsuccessful. Boo!

It looks like I’ll just glue grenades and wargear items on the models as fashion items from here on out, and the actual items they are carrying will be listed on the character sheet.

Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t. Even though I won’t be using it on future models, I’m still glad I gave it a try and it’s another experience I can tack onto my ‘modelling skill belt’. It’s also a badge that the Goliath minis can proudly wear, boasting “We were the first!”.


The End.

15 thoughts on “Necromunda Goliaths pt 02

  1. Thanks TIM, I’m sure your mad scientist mind will come up with some diabolical use for them! 😀

    In some ways, they turn lil plastic minis into “Swoppets”!

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  2. A cunning plan most suited to a super-villain and it looks good to boot! If I’ve got details that might get worn or rubbed I usually give ’em a touch of gloss varnish, followed by satin (both with a brush), and then the final spray! Some gloss varnish, like GW ‘ardcoat, can stay tacky, so the satin seals that and dulls the shine before the final matt spray!

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  3. Nice idea! How long would you say it took to magnetise these? I am considering breaking my magnet-virginity shortly as I have a PP Warjack multikit that could do triple duty if I can do the job well.

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    1. Thanks Argentbadger! The actual drilling and gluing part is fairly quick, especially if all are done at once. Even better if you haven’t painted them first! ;P

      I’d guess around 45 minutes to do the 6 of them. I tend to take my time though. I spend even more time in the ‘how do I make this work?!’ phase.

      For my first foray into magnet land, check out this post which mentions a lot of the materials I use:

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  4. Genius mate and well done on how you went about it. I never say never but I don’t have any plans to ever use magnets. I have one space wolf scout who has magnetic arms (bought like that off eBay) and, obviously, it wasn’t done that well because his arms fall off too easily. I’ll be glueing the bastard arms to his face if he’s not careful. I’m hoping to get some Van saar in the next week or so. When I first saw them I wasn’t too interested but now, thanks to Instagram, I’ve seen some pretty cool conversions so I’m in.

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    1. Thanks IRO, kind words from a master converter such as yourself! 😀

      It sounds like they went cheap on the Space Wolf’s magnet. The tiny ones I used for the Goliaths hold the wargear in place okay, but don’t have a lot of pull. That’s fine as I wanted to swap things easy. Other magnets that I’ve used are pretty strong though and you have to make sure you are firm in pulling them apart.

      What’s this Instaframwhatsisgibble you yung ‘uns keep chattering about?! Seriously, sounds like I need to check it out, would love to see what people are doing for Van Saar conversions before I start tackling them (fairly soon). Any particular fave of yours that I should check out?

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  5. Not too shabby here. I’ve read that going with a liberal application of superglue, followed by paint, then mode superglue, then paint, then gloss, then matte can really toughen up the magnet spots. I’ll be trying it out on a future project, but haven’t gone that far with any of mine yet.

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    1. Thanks man! Sounds like a decent solution. So far it has been holding up okay, but the minis haven’t made it to the game table yet. I might start with, I think it’s called Future or Klear in some parts?

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  6. Nice discussion here on the use of magnets. They are susceptible to losing paint, but there is a solution. If you use a strong enough magnet, affix a small thin piece of steel over it, and that will hold. I must say, I think your solution here is fine though and I’d stay with that.

    As for my experiences with them – I have used them a bit differently back when I was doing more fantasy stuff, in the early ages of this blog. Mainly I wanted crew-served weapons bases that you could remove the individual casualties from during a game. I will share as some may be interested:

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    1. Thanks Mark! Yea, if the magnet is strong enough, it helps to get some other material over it. Even a thin piece of plasticard.

      That’s a pretty awesome trick you did with your crew bases there. Great idea for tracking in war-games!

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