Something Old and Something New

Something Old and Something New

I have a confession to make…


“I am not left handed!”

Just like Inigo Montoya, I’m not left-handed, though painting with me left hand would certainly explain my painting skills…!

No, my confession is that I have a game crush. There’s this one game that most of you know, and she lives down the street, and I’ve known her since 7th grade. She’s walked past my house a few times and we shared the same bus stop, but she doesn’t really know me. Yea, it’s felt a bit like that.

You see back in the 90s, we were gaming quite a bit and I would often look at other games and get mechanics ideas. We had made our own version of a dungeon crawler, and I was often looking at other dungeon crawlers too.

Living in a fairly remote part of the U.S., I didn’t know or understand much about Games Workshop. Games by TSR and other smaller companies were our biggest influence. But then came HeroQuest, and Advanced HeroQuest, and then Warhammer Quest. Slowly I started to become even more exposed to the world of Games Workshop. Yes, I had heard of Warhammer before, but wargames and the art style was a big turnoff for me back then.

Eventually this would lead to me discovering a little game called “Necromunda”. It was probably through some article in a magazine or maybe through some obscure internet forum back in those early days. I was immediately intrigued. Here was something like a dungeon crawler….but using gangs with scifi sort of weapons.


Hey Big Boy!

And that’s where it pretty much sat for years. This crazy game that was out there, that I didn’t have, and wasn’t quite sure how to get ahold of, or how I would start it, or even who I would play it with. But I would keep hearing about it from time to time, especially when I started getting more into Blood Bowl.

Back around 2012, I started watching Kickstarters being put out by Mantic Games. Mainly, because I love Blood Bowl, and they released their own version of the game called “Dreadball”. Shortly thereafter they announced the skirmish game “Deadzone”. Somebody probably drew parallels between it and Necromunda, and I thought that this was finally my chance to play something along those lines. I hopped onto the Kickstarter. Ended up sadly disappointed by the minis, rules, and the lack of gamers to help pump up my initial enthusiasm of the game. I ended up sitting on a massive pile of unwanted plastic. I slowly started to Ebay that crap, and eventually made some space in my closet. It was a reflective time.

Then in 2017 it happened. Games Workshop re-released Necromunda. Excitement, trepidation, and many other emotions bubbled within me. I had spent a lot on the new Blood Bowl game, and didn’t want to make the same mistake I did with the previous Mantic games. Spending lots of money on plastic space-taking junk that I would regrettably Ebay later. So I talked to myself, and came to the understanding that I would not buy the game. I told my online buddies of my decision. Yep. And that’s the end of this story……right?


Just try and say “No!”.

No, of course not. Not sure at what point exactly but during some back and forth messages, I had come to the conclusion I was going to buy Necromunda after all. There are a few factors that sold me on the game. Short play times. Small number of units. Basically everything I need in a big old box. This looked like a game I could probably get going with the teen, in a relatively short amount of time. Blood Bowl is a bit too long of a game for him, so Necromunda might be ‘about right’. Indeed, we did have a test run of the game already using some cardboard counters. First game with the teenager was ‘ok’, but the second game with my niece was actually pretty fun. On that one, we sped up a bit with the rules and I really started to see the gang differences between Escher and Goliath.


The cool Necromunda coin. It looks really old, and is probably worth a lot, right?!

Back to picking up the game…I still really wanted to finish painting up the Dwarf team for Blood Bowl, but it has been hellish and slow. Slow and hellish. Inbetween I would occasionally tackle some terrain bits for Necromunda which was nice. I didn’t share them on the blog, because I had set out for a Blood Bowl focus on the blog. If I wanted to share them on the blog, should I rename/re-theme the blog!? I debated that a bit, and the behind the scenes work, and I’m just going to stick with it the way it is. I might be focusing on different miniature games over time, but I think a good number of followers already know that I am not a person who is solely focused on Blood Bowl.


Terrain can be fun, don’t worry, it gets dirty later.

So I’m busy painting Dwarves for eons and sometimes painting a terrain piece and buying new releases for Necromunda as they come out….and then it happens. The $ are adding up, and I really don’t have a game to show for it. Dun dunh dunhhhhhh! I have a good long talk with myself about spending lots of money on a game I’m not playing. So I set a limit “no more buying new gangs, until I get at least 1 gang painted!!”. *little weeping emoticon here*

Around that same time, I’m stalled on the Dwarves waiting for a paint to be shipped. Ok, start prepping some Necro models. Ok, get them primed. Ok, let’s try out some paint on them….and before you know it, I nearly have one model finished. I break out the rulebooks and build the stats for a Goliath gang and select which models I want to use. Of course I do my obligatory step of stripping paint and repainting, which I am so good at. But I quickly get back on track, now working off and on with 3 models at once. One nearly finished and the other two not far behind.


Early Necro painting begins. Redone shortly thereafter, as I changed to a grey primer.

Then “JUNIT” happens! A miniature painting challenge thrown out by the debonair Azazel. ‘Finish painting a small unit (at least three) of minis.’. Well carp….a 6 mini gang would qualify! Plus they are pretty close. I’m in!

All of this means the 16+ Blood Bowl Dwarf minis are going to get shelved a bit longer. Yes, slightly sadly, but I think it’s a good thing for me to get a break from them and get something smaller actually finished in the meantime. If a really long period of time passes before I get back to them, then I might have to set a rule about completing a Blood Bowl team before the next purchase as well. I could see that really lighting a fire under my butt, as I definitely want that Dark Elf team that has been announced!

So stay tuned as some small changes happen to the site and I make some progress on the Necromunda models. I think there is a really good chance of me getting at least 6 minis done this month and will have at least one interesting tidbit to share on them.

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    1. You missed the small disclaimer that says “Even though the site will be featuring expanded content, the author of the site will still remain as horribly slow as ever!.” 😉

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    1. Haha, I’m not going to place any bets on that one! I guess the good thing is that I won’t be starting any other Blood Bowl teams until I finish the damned Dwarves. There will just be a bit of a detour as I work through some Necromunda stuff first.

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    1. Thanks Mark, I’m working through the next article right now. Probably go out tomorrow. It’s more background material and no new pics, so some people might want to just skip that one.

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