Old Mini Monday 05 – The Star Wars

Old Mini Monday 05 – The Star Wars


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.

With the new Star Wars movie “Solo” coming out, seems an appropriate time to share some Star Wars miniatures!



Star Wars Characters – (left to right) Chewbacca, Darth Vader, C3-PO




I found “733 006 LFL82” underneath Chewbacca’s base. Some quick internet sleuthing suggested that these minis are from “Kenner’s Micro Collection” line of Star Wars miniatures. The first three numbers identify which set they came from, so Chewie’s “733”, means he came from the 6 figure Millenium Falcon set. They were made in 1982, hence the “82” at the end. This site has even more info and background on the line: http://theswca.com/images-speci/micro/micro.html



These Star Wars characters are quite well known to us, having grown up with the original trilogy of movies. We spent many hours playing with Star Wars miniatures as kids, but usually using them for our own made up worlds. Back then there wasn’t a ton of figures available, and we were more interested in superheros, so they often became proxy pieces for superheros.

My brother used these minis a few times in a SciFi roleplaying game, but it’s hard to divest one’s impression of these iconic characters from the actual minis themselves. I think they were a little smaller scale than our other Ral Partha minis, so Darth Vader probably felt a bit puny compared to his larger than life on-screen persona.

They are interesting minis, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of them. A bit too small, details are just okay, and they aren’t generic enough that I would want to use them in a game.


Tangent – Miniature Details

So, last night (last night being “Wednesday”, as I’m writing this beforehand) I was painting away on some new Games Workshop minis and ran into a spot where I wasn’t sure if the area I was painting ended or became something else. It might have been a belt or some item piece. It wasn’t a major issue, because the part was mainly in shadow and no one would likely notice unless they held a magnifying lense to the mini.

But, I definitely recall times when painting old minis, that I would run into this same issue. There’s possibly some term to it?

I didn’t paint any of the minis above, and it doesn’t look like it’s an issue on those, but I imagine some of the other minis in the box might have spots like I’m thinking of. Often it was a pouch or some other object that just extends into a leg and has no definable end. Sometimes it was something that I couldn’t even figure out. “What is that blob thing on his torso?! What color do I paint it?!” Back then, I didn’t have the internet to look up a paint guide or pull up a million images of painted models to figure it out. I just had to guess, and paint it some random color, and usually it was probably wrong.

I still occasionally run into the same identification issue on newer models, but that’s the great thing about being able to do an image search these days. On the older minis though, you still need some skill to make those ‘extended’ pieces blend in with the rest of the model though. Usually by defining an edge that wasn’t there.

So thank goodness for well sculpted minis and the internet!

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  1. A very interesting point regarding details. I’m not sure if it applies now due to production techniques but in days gone by the master moulds would get worn out to the detriment of the freshly cast figure. That said, although the poorest sculptor is better than me the difference is I don’t sell my poor work, nobody would buy it anyway!.

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  2. Completely know what your talking about when you don’t know where one part ends and the other begins! It also makes it 10x harder when they are primed black and have been caught out by this in many occasions

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    1. Thanks Thomas, glad that I’m not the only crazy one. Yea, primed in all black or sometimes grey…will make things even harder to spot.


  3. Sorry man I’m not sure why your posts are not coming up in my feed? I had the micro Star Wars collection, well some of them. I still have an X-wing actually. I also had part of the Death Star (internal section) where Luke and his old man are having a bit of a rumble. I had a Tie-Fighter and several minis as well. From memory I had Darth Vader, Luke sky walker (from Empire) Han and a couple of Storm Troopers. As far as the normal sized figurines I had tons plus vehicles. I always wanted the Millenium but never got it. Sigh…. wish I still had all that gear.

    I often find with the older sculpts from GW there are bits that don’t make sense? Depending where they are I just paint them to match whatever they’re on.

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    1. We had tons of the Kenner plastic figures, at different times. I once found a Snow Speeder on the street that some kid had maybe thrown out a car window. Took it home and patched it up a bit, and we played with that thing like crazy!

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