Fun on Friday – Blood Bowl Cartoons

Fun on Friday – Blood Bowl Cartoons


“What, Housekeeping?! I came here for the cartoons!!” Haha, just wait a sec…

So TIM, tried to contact me through my blog, and I (embarrassingly) did not get the message because I had signed up my account with a junk mail email address that I never check.


I fixed the email address, and TIM being the great guy that he is, emailed me again, and all is now well.

However, if anyone else had emailed me in the past, and just thought I was a …


Well, you’re right, go away! Quit emailing me! Just kidding. I do feel bad, and I will respond back to anyone who emails me in the future. Except for that IRO guy. Cuz, you know, that guy.

The other small bit of housekeeping, is that the “long weekend” is coming up for us here in the States. I’ve scheduled fa post to go out on Monday, so we’ll see how that works, and hopefully Old Mini Monday will continue on. I’ll try to keep reading everyone’s blogs in-between keeping the guests entertained and watching The Toddler.



Here’s the FUN bit!

I ran across these on YouTube and don’t remember ever seeing them before. They are short, and pretty funny if you’ve ever played Blood Bowl. The second and third cartoons were better than the first. Warning: like Blood Bowl, violent.

Blood Bowl Replacements 01


Blood Bowl Replacements 02


Blood Bowl Replacements 03


Hope y’all find those kind of amusing and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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    1. You too TIM! Fun on Fridays will be super infrequent. Faust just doesn’t know how to have fun! Actually I rarely think of anything to post in this vein, but we’ll see.

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    1. Is that what that was? I thought you were sending me weathering pix of a tree trunk! How’d you get all those….no, never mind, I don’t need to know.

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