Old Mini Monday 04 – Dungeon Dressing

Old Mini Monday 04 – Dungeon Dressing


While visiting my brother, he rounded up all his old painted minis and let me borrow the box of them to share on the blog.



Front sides

Back sides

This is a set of dungeon dressing furniture. I was thinking of painting up a few of these an primed them in grey. But my ‘needs paint’ pile is starting to grow, so I need to focus on my primary projects first.

As you can see, most all of it was unpainted. With the exception of the mirror, which was used to represent a ‘mirror monster’ for a dungeon crawler that we made.



I forgot to jot down the specifics on these, and after much searching online, came up pretty fruitless. I know that they are Ral Partha minis, and are similar to this set which appears in the 1983 Ral Partha catalog:

So probably somewhere around the same time.

My brother has the Wizard mini from that pic. Possibly the demon. I didn’t see an open chest. I was able to find images of the “Wizard’s Table” online, but I’m not sure where those and the brazier or pile of gold come from. It might have been two different packs or maybe there was a different room pack that included all of these. If anyone happens to find something, I’d gladly post it here.

Tangent – Weapon Rack?

I think I exhausted most of my tangents for the time being. I have been looking to collect a few dungeon furniture pieces to maybe try out our old dungeon crawler once again. Oddly, I haven’t been able to find a decent weapons rack miniature. Has anyone happened to see one?

Also, if you have a suggestion for a tangent related to old minis vs new, feel free to recommend something in the comments! 🙂

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  1. I think Mantic have a weapons rack in their Dungeon Saga range. No links, because I’m blogging quickly before work.
    As for the rest of it, you should definitely paint them, and in fact make them a priority. No, I’m not being facetious – dungeon scatter stuff like that is generally super quick and easy to paint and is great for giving you that warm glowy feeling when you get them done. You could probably knock that stuff out in an afternoon – two max – and to a decent quality. The trick is not to overthink stuff like that, as you’re not going for a Golden Demon or Crystal Brush – just some decent looking bits for tabletop use.
    Now git to it!

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    1. Well, I would…but they are my brother’s minis. 😉

      All the minis I’ll be showcasing are already back at his house too.

      Thanks, I might have seen the Dungeon Saga piece you mentioned. Think I’ve tried finding it through Ebay a few times, but no luck. I’ll set up a saved search. There was another one I saw, that was part of a Adventurer’s camp set. Reaper maybe? I mainly found searching for weapons rack (or a few variations of such) was pretty fruitless.

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      1. Here it is.

        Just tell your brother you’d like to paint and use them? He probably wouldn’t mind, especially if he hasn’t painted them yet and you’e already primed them. I’ll expect to see them done by Monday! 😉

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        1. Thanks Azazel, I think I need to just watch for “Dungeon Saga”, as it seems to be part of the base game.

          There’s some other stuff stopping me from painting his minis, which I’m not going to air over the blogosphere. I’m happy enough that he loaned the minis to me.

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      2. Fair enough! I know Mantic will have their Terraincrate scenery sets available soon. Not sure if the weapons rack is part of that, though – but I imagine there will be something in there as well.

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        1. Oh? I haven’t heard of the “Terraincrate scenery set”. I’ll keep watch on it. I also saw that there is a Dungeon Saga furniture pack. Which has some furniture, including the weapons rack. It’s a little tempting to get the whole game, just for the pieces, but all I probably would use is the furniture.

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      3. Yeah, they did a KS for it awhile ago which is now getting close to shipping. Lots of stuff in there, and it’ll be hitting their retail almost as soon as they start shipping, if history tells us very much.

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