Old Mini Monday 00 – Mind Flayer

Old Mini Monday 00 – Mind Flayer

Showcasing some old miniatures (on a Monday)!


I visited my brother a few weeks ago and was hoping to track down the Troll mini he had painted in acrylics. I was going to post a pic of it in Tool Tips 09. As detailed in that post, it was his first miniature painted in acrylics. It’s also what got me into painting with acrylics as well, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Alas, he wasn’t able to find it….but he did break out a box of minis that we had used in our games over the years. The majority he had painted, but there was also one miniature that I had painted. A “Mind Flayer” miniature, which I had also mentioned in Tool Tips 09. It was pretty cool seeing it and all the rest of the minis.That Mind Flayer is a nice looking mini, and the paint job was better than I had remembered.

Which brings me around to this post. I figured why not share these out to the world? It is sometimes cool to see old miniature collections and remember days gone by. I’ll start this series of posts, with my single figure and follow up with sets of minis from my brother’s collection. Hopefully posting every Monday.


Old Miniature

Tracking this old min down on DnDLead, it appears to be a 1987 Ral Partha Mind Flayer 11-406.

As for the photos themselves, I’m pretty frustrated with my lighting setup right now. Please bear with me, and hopefully in the next few posts I’ll get my setup like I want it.

This Mind Flayer miniature is based off of the D&D Monster Manual 1st edition image below. There were no color pictures of a Mind Flayer around that time, so I painted according to the description in the book. I always found the monster to be pretty interesting. I didn’t know anything about Cthulhu at the time, so an octopus headed creature with mental powers that liked to eat brains, kinda blew my mind.

This is the oldest painted miniature I have on hand, so it’s got some serious nostalgia. I didn’t complete too many back in the day, so most of what I had were likely half painted. I wouldn’t mind having earlier examples to see how I’ve progressed, but this is probably point where I finally started to progress beyond simple (and poorly applied) base colors. It is also around the time that I switched to acrylics and tried fundamental shading. Pretty sure I base painted and then painted in the shadows with a darker color later. I don’t see any highlights on the miniature.

Date wise, I think the mini was painted in early 2000s, but my brother claims it was painted in early 1990s. He’s probably right, but I just don’t remember having the time or any paints back then.

With future Old Mini Monday posts, I won’t be going into an analysis or background on painting, as they are my brother’s minis. I might bring up some related topics about old minis though, as seeing these has stirred up the cobwebs in my brain.

Hope you enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Old Mini Monday 00 – Mind Flayer

    1. Haha, I don’t have a Demogorgon. Maybe someday though. I actually took a look at Reaper Bones assortment of demons/devils. I’m kind of on an old D&D kick lately. Oh, and we just finished season 1 of Stranger Things last month, so I caught your reference! 😀


  1. Nice work! It can be really rewarding to go back and reflect on older models that we have painted. Sometimes they need a touch up but sometimes they’re still good enough to carry on. 👍

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    1. Thanks Azazel! I’ve actually thought about picking up a second copy of the miniature and giving it a go now. Maybe I’ll just get a slightly different one.

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    1. That’s another fave. I tried looking for a classic Rust Monster, but there doesn’t seem to be any that I really like. Will see, maybe I find a nice one.


  2. Use to have this mini myself but think I sold it a few years back when was clearing out much of my old Citadel lead. Citadel use to produce some really top quality Mindflayers the best of which was the ones the released as part of the AD&D range they produced

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