Tool Tips 10 – Observations

Tool Tips 10 – Observations

Last time (Tool Tips 09) we went over paints. This article is more of a wrap up to the first string of articles. Talking about observations along the way and the future of Tool Tips.



Length – initially I thought that each Tool Tip article would be much shorter than they ended up. Images take up more space than I anticipate. Also, once I start typing, I find that there is more and more to cover. Then the words just keep flowing!

Content – I’m fairly satisfied with this one, as I pretty much exhausted all the areas I wanted to cover. I was reflecting during my long commute the other day, and felt a bit of relief at dumping so much of this out of my brain and into the digital space. I feel like I can now use the Tool Tips articles as reference and don’t have to fret about keeping all of this in my head. I have already gone back to look up some items, so it’s in use as we speak.

Time – yea, it does take some time to prep those articles, get the links and images, etc. But I also learned that you can type everything up beforehand into Google Docs and use an add-on to easily upload your content over to WordPress. That was a nice find and will help me with future large blog posts.

Future of Tool Tips

I had fun creating these articles and received some nice comments along the way. I also found the articles quite useful in helping me to organize my own methods and record a lot of the tools that I have been using.

I think the length of the articles might have been too long for some people to read all the way through and the information could have been too dense/compacted in some places. However, now that I have those big articles in place, my vision is to have much smaller and more focused articles on 1-2 techniques or tools at a time.

There were also a few things that I didn’t get to. At first I had to skip magnetizing, but was able to get back to it in the next article. But there were others that got left out, like basing, etc. As I said above, it will be easier to do smaller Tool Tips in the future, covering those items as I get around to them and can take ample pictures.


It’s been a whirlwind of discovery and documenting as I returned to the world of miniature painting. Tool Tips helped me to organize and share all my discoveries since the re-release of Blood Bowl back in late 2016. Hopefully they also prove useful to others in their own journeys!

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  1. The thing about anyones Tool Tips, and that very much includes your own articles, is they are thought provoking. None of us know everything and there are beginners out there who will hang on every word you have written. I for one have never thought of using magnets and although I cannot see myself using them in the way you describe the point is I am now thinking about something I never would have done. Will look forward to the future of Tool Tips but don’t forget things move on so you may need to update your older articles from time to time!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree and just posted some similar comments over on Azazel’s blog, as I will mention here. Everyone really has to figure out this stuff on their own. I’m hoping to give people a bit of a starting point, but this isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of miniature painting. I’m way too humble to think I’m anywhere close to that. There is a lot more out there that I haven’t covered and way more perspectives/experience than my own. I’ve discovered in life, that the more I learn about something, the more I realize how little I know about something. So true about miniature painting.

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