Fantasy Football Kickstarters – Slann or No?

Fantasy Football Kickstarters – Slann or No?

On Kickstarter there are currently THREE Blood Bowl team Kickstarters for Slann. Oops, not “Slann”, but “Kislev”. If you’re saying “What, hunh?!”…allow me to explain!  If you already know all you want to know about Blood Bowl and Slann, just skim down to the Kickstarters section.


There were three official teams released to Blood Bowl previously that you could find via a pdf floating around the inter webs. They were “Chaos Pact”, “Underworld”, and “Slann” teams. The Chaos Pact got their name changed to Chaos Renegades in the newest edition and the Underworld became Underworld Denizens. The Underworld team also made it into the popular Computer game. But the poor froggy ones were nowhere to be found!

Yes, it seems the Slann were overlooked. Or were they? The Blood Bowl 2 Legendary computer game added a team called the “Kislev Circus”. A team of acrobats alongside a ‘Big Guy’ Circus Bear.

“Kislev Circus” team from Blood Bowl 2 Legendary edition

Interesting enough they have a lot of “leap” skill on the team, and have been regarded as a ‘replacement team’ for the Slann. But why replace the cute froggies? Well, people who know the Warhammer universe much better than I do (which is pretty much everyone), will be quick to point out that the Slann team doesn’t make a lot of sense fluff-wise. It seems they are mostly represented by obese, powerful frog types. Something along the lines of ‘What if a Jedi and Jabba had a baby?’. Yea, how’s that one for visuals!?

U play Blood Bowl?

The Blood Bowl Slann team has never had any official Games Workshop (GW) models, so it’s hard to say what they really look like, but most independent minis manufacturers come up with something along the lines of below. Which are much slimmer than that frog above.

Frog (Slann) team models from Impact Miniatures! previous Kickstarter

There also appears to be a strong indication that there will be no Slann (frog) team produced by GW for the most recent version.


So we know that the likelihood of a Slann (frog) miniatures set coming from GW is highly unlikely. This gave miniatures manufacturers a specific target to fill. They could have gone with a frog team, but it seems most decided to hedge their bets on the recent Kislev team from the Computer game.

It seems weird that there are THREE Kickstarters going on at the same time for the same team. It sounds like most of them had been working on a team, and suddenly scrambled when one manufacturer released their own Kickstarter. I wish they had released at separate times, so that they could have gotten more dollars for each project, but that’s how things go in the world of business sometimes. Here are the contenders for this battle:


Hexy Miniatures Fantasy Football Slavic Team

Country: Poland
# of Kickstarters: 1
Ends: 3/23
2 Stretch Goals Unlocked for far: Team Decals, Coin

You have a choice of Human or Slavic teams for $69, which is a pretty decent price. Shipping also appears to be pretty cheap. The Slavic team consists of: 4 Catchers, 4 Blitzers, 6 Linemen, and 1 Bear. 2 unique positional sculpts and 2 unique linemen sculpts. The Blitzers have wings extruding from their armor, which looks pretty unique. Their coin and turn marker are pretty nice. Also of interest is what looks like pdf bases, with slotted skill markers.



Gaspez-Arts Kickass Cossacks

Country:  Italy
# of Kickstarters: 2
Ends: 3/24
3 Stretch Goals Unlocked for far: 2 Balls, Turn Marker, Re-Roll tokens

Features miniatures and combinations that you could use for a Kislev, Norse, or Human team. Base Kickass Cossacks team is 4 Blitzers, 4 Catchers, 7 Linemen and 1 Bear. At €79, it’s a pretty reasonable price for resin or metal minis, with all unique sculpts. Their previous Kickstarter was a Chaos Dwarf team, and Mikey over at Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones did a great review of the team with lots of pictures: Gaspez-Arts Bulls Warriors Team Unboxing and Review.



Vórtice Miniatures Northern Kyazak

Country:  Spain
# of Kickstarters: 1
Ends: 4/3
0 Stretch Goals Unlocked for far

Their base Northern Kyazak team is €79 and includes 1 Bear, 4 Blitzers, 4 Catchers, and 7 Linemen. Shipping is considerably more expensive for me (in the U.S.). All sculpts are unique, so this is a pretty good price overall. They have stretch goals to unlock more minis so that one could also build a Norse team. Their figures look like they sub a bit better as a Norse team, from my perspective, though they are the most underfunded Kickstarter of the three so far. With 14 days left to go though, they still have a chance, especially with the other two Kickstarters closing soon.

Wrap Up

Interesting times as these three Kickstarters compete for attention. In some ways I really feel like I would rather have a nice Frog miniature team and find the Kislev roster a sloppy substitute. On the other hand, I do like the idea of miniatures that can sub for either a Kislev team and a Norse team. It is less expensive and fewer minis to paint overall. Also they are not widely popular teams for beginners, which is mostly who I end up playing with.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on Kislev vs Slann. Also if anyone has plans to back one of the three projects and what their preferences are. Feel free to answer in the Comments below!

11 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Kickstarters – Slann or No?

  1. I like the idea of Slann, though I only knew about them from the similar sounding “Slaad,” which are powerful, frog-like humanoids in 1980’s D&D. I vaguely remember basing a campaign arc on them that lasted almost a year. Good times. 🙂

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      1. Yes, they were by and large more powerful than the standard monsters and I didn’t see them in modules either. A lot of the campaigns I did featured very powerful PC’s since my friends growing up liked to play world-shaking types of characters tackling really powerful situations so that is what I gave them, and Slaad were good for that.

        FF was a really nice book in its day, I agree. Very imaginative and fun.

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  2. Slann in 2nd and 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy were originally a whole ancient race of frogmen where most (all?) of them were actually quite skinny. They even made it into 40k in figure form. If Slaad were a thing then I think it’s a safe bet that they were D&D ripoff models in the same way that the Ambull was of the Umberhulk (and many more to boot!)

    They were slowly excised from the settings (“squatted” before Squats!) before being brought back as bloated high priests of the Lizardmen when they were re-introduced to WHFB, as Lizardmen were previously a “paper-only” army with a bestiary entry but no real models and no army list. When BB 3rd edition started to take off and went off the rails a bit with new semi-and-unofficial teams, the Slann were among them in their pre-lizardman form (since this was still before WA: Lizardmen).

    As for these Kickstarters, I agree with you that a couple of these companies should have waited a few months. Gaspez have admitted to pulling the trigger early, before finishing their Chaos Dwarves in response (I still have no idea if mine have even been sent!) I probably would have backed Gaspez “properly” but have now only given them a quid for potential future PM access, and then only prompted by your post here. I’ve still got a large container stuffed full of teams from Impact’s campaign a few years ago that delivered a year late that I haven’t even been motivated enough to check for contents/quality (AND I ended up having to keep all the teams from a group order – long story).

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    1. Thanks for the full background on the Slann! The Slaad came from a 1st edition D&D book “Fiend Folio”, that was actually a compilation of work by UK writers/artists. So it could have easily been that the D&D monster copied the Slann.

      Did you get the frogs from Impact’s Kickstarter? I actually quite like those. I got some Elves from one of their Kickstarters. I need to put them together and snap some pics at some point.

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      1. I skipped them as I was never a fan of the Slann. Pretty safe bet that the Fiend Folio came before the Slann, as 1st edition WHFB was designed to use all of the models that Citadel made at that time, and they had various D&D licences before Warhammer was a thing.

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        1. I’ve only played against them once. They seem an interesting team, though the players are pretty expensive. I guess that’s the same with Elves.

          It’s pretty cool hearing about the history of Warhammer, I really know so little about it. Too bad we didn’t live a million miles away. I’d buy ya some beers and listen to the whole history!


    2. You beat me to it 😀. In 3rd Edition I always had a soft spot for them though they really look the central/South America link to heart with naming the different warrior casts in the book after animals (e.g. jaguar cast).

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  3. Too bad the Vortice team looks so bad. Their previous minis (all sculpted by none other than Pedro Ramos) are fantastic. Frankly, this team is a major disappointment compared to their previous offerings.

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    1. Didn’t click “Reply”: Yea, not as impressive as the Kroxigor they did or the Undead team. Their pitches are insanely cool too.


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