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Gaming News

Just saw this popup this morning, and have to say I’m going a little crazy with all the questions in my head!

Blitz Bowl!


It sounds like this is an introductory form of Blood Bowl, possibly to entice new players. Possibly making its way to retail stores in the U.S. Not much at all is really know, aside from a few pictures. So this is mostly speculation at this point.

I love Blood Bowl, but have always wanted a quicker version of the game to play with new players or for those times when we don’t have a lot of time to play. Which is (sadly) most of the time these days.


Things that we can tell from the picture:

Orcs vs Humans
Blocking Dice are still being used, though it looks like each side only has 2.
Stats are limited to Move, Throw, and Armor.
Tokens appear to be the same.
Positional cards are included.
Scatter template is on the pitch (nice!).
Range Ruler included.

Things I’m guessing about:

Reserve box appears to be connected by a square. Can players move freely between the box and pitch?
Not sure if that is a turn track (1-9) or a score track?? If it is a turn track, is there only one half being played?
Pitch has 4 Statues near the corners? Are they obstacles you have to navigate around?
Clearly outlined center square on the pitch. Where the ball starts? Could the ball start there after every touchdown, similar to Dreadball’s ‘no setup after touchdown’ mechanic?
Lots of unknown cards, possibly Special Play cards?


There is also a “Space Marine Adventures” game in that news blurb. While, I’m not a 40K player, I’ve always thought the Necron and some of the other minis look kind of cool. Not sure if I would pick it up, but we’ll see. I’lll definitely be keeping an eye out for Blitz Bowl!



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  1. I also saw this and it reminds me of the original Kerrunch. I’d be tempted to get it bar the fact it offers the same players as the main box. At least Kerrunch gave 6 players each of 4 races (combining the blood bowl humans and Orcs with dungeon bowls elves and dwarves, even if they were the mono pose 2nd ed. Plastics). I can’t argue with a simplified version to help get younger players into it though.

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    1. I haven’t played Kerrunch or BB7s, but it sounds like it could be similar to either. I agree, wish there were multiple teams at least, but I guess that’s what you get with an intro game.

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