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Gaming Haul

Hello, my name is “Faust” and I, uh, don’t collect a lot of dice…please define a “lot”.

Quick recap: Back when Games Workshop was re-releasing Blood Bowl in 2016, the preorders went up and some things sold out almost immediately. Scum Some folk managed to buy out the Skaven Dice set, and the retail price of $15 was jacked up to $30-$50 on Ebay. Much hand wringing and lamenting was hear throughout the land (or maybe that was just at my house). But then around July 2017, Games Workshop re-released the Skaven dice…however there were some small variations. I bought the newer set, so I could finally have some Skaven dice, but always wondered about the differences. Yea, I talked about this awhile back; here and here. Nope, not obsessed at all.

Then the other day I saw a set of Skaven dice which looked to be the original set, at a really good deal on Ebay. Yea, this was a totally unnecessary purchase, but I couldn’t resist.

The dice arrived, and sure enough this is the first set of dice. I quickly unpacked them and took out my second wave set of dice too. I don’t know that anyone has snapped comparison pics yet, so it’s nice that I get to share this for anyone who is suffering from a dice obsession interested.


First up, the dice box is different. I actually didn’t know this. The lid on the first set is black. The lid on the newest set is more of a transparent plastic color. Both lids have the new BB logo on them.


Also, the labels are different. The first set is labelled “The Skavenblight Scramblers Dice Set” and the second set is labelled “Skaven Team Dice Set”. This is kind of interesting, because most of the dice sets have been named after a team. “Reikland Reavers Dice Set”, “The Dwarf Giants Dice Set”, and “The Gouged Eye Dice Set”. The Goblin one was simply named “Goblin Team Dice Set” and the most recent dice were the “Elven Union Team Dice Set”. I wonder if that means most dice sets from here on out will be named after a Race/Team and not after a given team? Otherwise we would have seen “Elfheim Eagles Dice Set” instead of the “Elven Union Dice Set”.


That’s the actual dice (above), which does confirm what I had read online. First off, the colors are different. The original (on the left) set’s numbers and symbols are more yellow/gold in color. The new set are more of a bronze like color. Another interesting tidbit is that the “6” on the 6-sided die has different symbols for each set. The original set has the BB logo, and the newest set has a Skaven Team logo. Which would make one think that set would be named “Skavenblight Scramblers” instead, but guess that’s the way it is. Just for the record, the Goblin and Elven Union dice sets, also feature a team symbol replacing the “6” on the d6, so I guess that’s how it is from here on out. Both Skaven Dice Sets’s dice are translucent green in color and I didn’t notice any real differences between the two (though I didn’t look super closely either!).

And there we have it, a complete comparison (with pictures) of both first generation and second generation Skaven Dice sets!