Tool Tips 01 – Buying & Stripping Paint

Tool Tips 01 – Buying & Stripping Paint

Lots of bloggers started the new year with a recap of their fabulous painting jobs or what their goals were for the new year. The only thing I could brag about was a far from finished team of Blood Bowl Dwarves. I could also list those said Dwarves as a goal for this year, but all in all, I found that to be a bore.

What I really want to post about was my experiences last year. With the release of Blood Bowl at the end of 2016, I really got back into miniature collecting and painting. It had been a few years since I had actually done anything with miniatures, as I had basically dropped out of the hobby. Back then I had just started to learn a few things about thinning paints and flow improvers, etc. But before I got too heavily involved, changes happened and I as I mentioned above, I left the hobby for a bit.

So I started to get back into the hobby and like most things I start, it begins with a tremendous amount of research beforehand. I scoured the web, read blogs, watched videos, and found tidbits of information that would be helpful. Definitely more than my little brain could take in, and I sometimes wish I had taken notes on everything (note: I’m working on that now, by trying to keep track of links and things in a Google Doc). I learned about different techniques and also some tools that I didn’t even know about. Which brings us back to this post, actually a series of posts. Where I share my own experiences with things I have tried and what seems to work (at least for me). I’m hoping there will at least be something for everyone here, but new people likely will gain the most benefit.

I’m going to try and organize this by process. So the first thing we do is listen to news and hear about what minis are coming out and decide what to buy. For some people, that’s “buy everything!”, but I like to be a bit selective. I’m not a Warhammer 40K person, so I don’t really follow the usual Warhammer News sites. Unfortunate, as most of the hot new info on Specialist Games tends to leak there.


The areas where I tend to get my news from are other blogs I follow (see links to the right) and sometimes the talkfantasyfootball (TFF) forum. The threads I visit in the TFF forum tend not to have a high volume of posts, so it’s mainly news from blogs and the occasional visit to GW/Warhammer sites. Some people also get news from their friends, but I tend to be the most informed in my circles.


Ok, so we’ve found out about some minis and we want them. Gotta buy them! But….what if these are not new minis?! Say, you need a Star Player on your team and there is no mini available. Well, you can look for a suitable alternative and/or go the customization route. For those cases I tend to hunt for things on Ebay, frequently looking at things that the bits dealers might have available. There are also sites like Impact! Miniatures that deal in alternative minis. For newer GW stuff, I tend to buy direct from Games-Workshop or from Miniature Market. The latter is a great online store to buy paints from in the U.S.

I had actually forgotten that customization is a whole nother topic, before I snapped this article’s tool photos, so I’ll probably have to talk about that one in a later date.

After we’ve waited oh so patiently for those minis to arrive, it’s time to start painting!! Right?! Wrong.

Unless you bought prepainted minis, you’re likely going to need to some prep work before you actually start painting. If you bought them used and need to remove the old paint, then you will need to strip paint from the minis. You can check out my series of posts on this starting with this one:



You will basically need some stripping agent, scrubbers, plastic gloves, and some tupperware type bowls. Since I’ve gone into this process quite a bit in earlier posts, I’ll just be adding some quick pictures here.

Stripping agent, Nitrile Gloves, and a Wire brush. All come in handy when removing paint.


Ultrasonic Jewelry Bath also hastens the process


This post went on a bit longer than intended and I’m realizing that I need to snap some more pics, so I’m going to have to end it earlier than planned. Next time around, I’ll start covering tools and tips for prepping and priming the minis. Thanks for reading!

Next up: Tool Tips 02

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