State of the Dwarves – gold

State of the Dwarves – gold

Hopefully I won’t be talking about these guys next year, but here goes.

So I’ve been working on this Dwarf team (forever) and nearly have all my base colors applied. Till I hit gold again. For some reason it’s been pretty patchy. You might be able to make out the spots on the right shoulder pad there.


Don’t call me Blotchy!

The blotchiness drove me a little crazy and thinning gold just makes it run into places you don’t want it to. If I tried to cover it up, then it started to turn into an ugly gold goopy layer, especially as the paint started to dry. I thought about trying out a different paint brand or different gold color, etc. Actually I think I did try out a different gold color, but still was taking some time to get it applied.

Then I came across some article where somebody mentioned how they used to do gold in the old days…lay down some brown and then paint over it.

I have drybrushed metal paints over black a lot, so not sure why it didn’t dawn on me to try the same trick. I guess everyone else on this planet already knew not to paint gold over white. I feel pretty dense. Oh, one more trick…thin metal paint with Flowaid and not water. That seems to help quite a bit. Anyways, back to brown and gold…

I picked out a Star Player initially as my test subject, if it turned out looking a lot different than the rest of the Dwarves…well, that’s because he’s a Star!


(Star on the right)

I found a darker brown, Vallejo Model Color Flat Brown and colored over the white primer, then applied the same Gold. It took me far less applications to cover with the gold. In addition, the brown underneath gives it a nice depth, warm tone, and a bit of a worn look all at the same time. With some edge highlights, that could probably be “done” in no time. The one on the left still looks a mess, would need a wash, more applications, etc. The gold on the one on the left looks fake with how bright it is (kinda like that Gold Leaf stuff).

With the Star player looking decent, I decided that is the route to go. I will simply start repainting the previously gold painted areas with brown (ala pic below)


Chocolate Dipped Dwarves

I have some that I hadn’t started the gold yet, so those will just get brown over the white primer and then gold applied. Will see if there is a drastic difference between the two, hopefully not.

Yet another setback, but it’s a learning lesson and at least I’m pretty happy with the end result. If I have to paint gold armor again, at least I have this technique, but I’d probably just start with the Citadel gold line. I really liked Rob Knipe’s Gold Armor and he used Citadel for the gold. He’s also a million times better at painting, but hey I can dream!


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  1. Looking much better. My favourite gold undercoat is Vallejo Burnt Cadmium Red, which is actually like a rich chestnut brown rather than a red. It makes the gold really rich. And Citadel’s Retributor Armour is great, btw! Highlight with Vallejo Model Air Gold. 🙂

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    1. Thanks davekay. Even though there isn’t a lot of variation with this batch of models, it’s pretty fun to see the different color schemes people come up with. You came up with a good color combo, and the stone bases are really nice. I’m going to do some sort of stone base too, probably something like the tutorial from GW’s YouTube channel.


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