Under the Slow Brush: pt. 5

Under the Slow Brush: pt. 5

“Ohhh…… stop! <silence>” – Pixies

Heh, I’m not stopping completely, but progress is a bit bad this last week. Work took over my free time on Saturday and Sunday wasn’t much better.


Those are the three paints I got to.

Light Orange – touch ups on the hair/beards of Troll Slayers.

Charred Brown – shading the underside of some gold, beards, wash on some leather parts.

Gunmetal Metal – start of what will be silvery metal bits on Grim Ironjaw. From last time around I mentioned I was going to give Grim alternating silver/gold paints on his various jewelry. Will separate him a bit from the all Gold metals of the rest of the team and him look more of a Star.

“Bling Me!”


And finally…

“Glue Me!”


I got this guy’s beard/helmet piece glued on. Hopefully next time I will get a pic of him from a better angle. Base color wise, the only thing left is the jewel pieces (no idea what color yet!) and the inner eyelets of his helm. Feels pretty good to have gotten that far. Now if only I had 10 more guys up to that point, then we could get a decent game in!

We’ll see what this weekend holds. Looking pretty busy again (including a trip to 2049), but even a little progress is better than nothing!

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