Under the Slow Brush: pt. 4

Under the Slow Brush: pt. 4

Not much to report this week. Some touch-ups with Basic Skin Tone, where paint had rubbed off or where I got sloppy with other paint. Then some Polished  Looking forGold applied to helmets, ornaments, armor, etc.

Was hoping to get the mini up front more or less done and attach his head finally. I still need to darken/shade his helmet and the underside of his beard/body before attaching the helmet/beard piece.

Grim Ironjaw is coming along nicely (just behind the front mini). I decided to alternate between gold and steel/silver for his jewelry pieces. I started with the gold, because that’s what I was painting at the time. Looking forward to getting the steel bits done, so I can see what it’s going to look like and whether it differentiates him a little more as a Star Player.

So, a little bit of work on Saturday. Plans went awry on Sunday and I wasn’t able to find block of time to paint. So, I did the next best thing, rearrange all the office/guest room furniture and create a spot specifically for painting. I’m hoping this will help me to dive in quicker and focus more. I guess I should have snapped a pic. Maybe next time!

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