Forge World Preorder – Chaos Renegades

Forge World Preorder – Chaos Renegades


Wow, never thought I would see this day but you can now buy an actual “Chaos Renegades” (formerly “Chaos Pact”) from Forge World (Games Workshop affiliate).

People not too familiar with the team or new to Blood Bowl might not understand my bafflement, so here’s a little history. The original Chaos All-Stars team was some cobbled together minis team made of minis with some pretty cool mods. I don’t know a lot about Blood Bowl around that time, but they seem to be a team of ‘mutants’.

Do we look like X-Men to you?!!


That’s a crazy team. Alien like creatures, a two-headed skaven, a goblin, a snake-head guy, on and on…and then what?! THREE BIG GUYS!?! Yes, Chaos Renegades have a Troll and an Ogre and a Minotaur! I recently played the team for the first time against friends. As I setup the front line with all three Big Guys, their expression was something like:


You said it, Q-Bert!

I would pretty much play that team anytime, just for that reaction. But I am getting ahead of myself. You can read more about the original Chaos All-Stars and find some interesting articles by googling them. I’m paraphrasing most of the history I’ve cobbled together in my poor brain. Phil Lewis created the original crazy team, and it wss featured in a magazine, and the images made their way to the internet, which means they will they live on forever and ever.

At some point, Galak Starscraper (Tom Anders) was asked to make rules for a Blood Bowl team based off teams like the Chaos All-Stars for a Blood Bowl edition. I *think* it was CRP (Competition Rules Pack). He managed to include 3 Big Guys, Human Linemen with access to mutations, 1 Dark Elf, 1 Goblin, and 1 Skaven. They were dubbed “Chaos Pact” and just like the original Chaos All-Stars, were made from an odd assortment of critters. I found the rules for the team by way of a ‘special addendum document’ on the web that included Slann and Underworld (another odd assortment, but we can discuss that at some other time).

So you have this hodge podge of players from different teams, and at the time, tabletop was really the only way to play…. with Games Workshop (GW) not producing any new Blood Bowl miniatures. Which means if you really wanted to play this team, you needed to take minis from other teams and come up with your motley assorted team. Granted, this fits in well with the theme of the team as they are supposed to be just that.

Which brings me back to the surprise of seeing an actual Chaos Pact Renegades team being made available for Blood Bowl. Some of the charm of that team for me, was the customization of already released minis to make one of your own. GW even suggested in the past, that players use existing minis to make their own Chaos Renegades and Underworld teams.

Now that we have a Minotaur released, it’s only a repack of already existing miniatures, but I still found myself surprised. I really shouldn’t have been, because they did the same thing for Underworld once they had Skaven, Goblins, and a Troll available.

In a way, it’s kind of cool and still surprising that these teams (Underworld and Chaos Renegades) now have an official set of minis. I didn’t think I would ever see the day of new Blood Bowl minis, let alone real Chaos Renegades and Underworld teams. On the other hand, I’m a little sad because I like the idea of seeing custom Chaos Renegades teams that people build. I’ll likely be building my own, once I get around to it. There is certainly nothing stopping others from doing the same.

Anyways, I’ve said about all I can on the new Chaos Renegades for now, so check out the new releases on Forge World if you like. There is a Minotaur, the Chaos Renegades tokens, and the Chaos Renegades team.

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