Under the Slow Brush: pt. 2

Under the Slow Brush: pt. 2

Ok, so another week down and I managed to get some paint time in. Once again, this is to keep me on track, despite the ‘watch the grass grow‘ progress.

I had also mentioned talking about paint brushes, but I didn’t get the pics snapped in time for this post, so it will have to wait.

Let’s get on with the pics already!


Here’s a linemen. You can see I’m getting the base colors in and still haven’t decided what to do with boots and ‘socks’. His right arm is a mod addition, as I used the original arm for a Star Player I’ll be working on. It kind of helps differentiate him a little too. I wasn’t sure what I was going do over the gold, perhaps a wash of brown. While looking through my paints, I cam across some Brown ink. I tried ink ages ago, and it did not go well, so all my inks have sat unused. For whatever reason, I decided to give it a go this time and glad I did. It’s really good at flowing into indentations (like his right shoulder pad) and makes great contrast lines. I also tried washing it over shadowed areas. It made those parts look old, like a Nuln Oil would. Decent enough, but not sure I would go that same route for shading in the future. Will see if that improves when I highlight. That’s my main pic for Saturday, you can see more progress was made and Sunday’s wrap up below.

Paint, paint, paint.


I’ve been putting the paints I used in the background to keep track of things, but decided from now I will just snap a shot of them (like so).

Basic skin tone – mainly just flesh touchups this time around, especially on the Trollslayers.

Brown ink – Recesses of armor, some shading (as above).

Glorious Gold – armor. Though I forgot that I usually paint an undercoat, and then apply the metal color. Probably will do that in the future.

Scarlett Red – base for clothes. Mostly a second coat this time around, which helped clean up the blotchiness I noticed on the first go.

Light Orange – hair on the Trollslayers and Grim Ironjaw. First time I’ve used this paint, and first time I’ve really tried to paint bright Trollslayer hair. It’s going good as is, but I probably want some darker color in there to pop the contrast and add some highlights for zing. They are the pieces every one tends to look at on the Dwarf team after all.

Leather brown – belts, straps. On a second coat for some of the minis, and it is darkening up a tad. Still blends in too much with the gold, so I’ll likely be washing with a darker color later on or several more layers.

Them’s the boys.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable with how they are looking, even though I can still see areas I missed, etc. I’m also pushing to get the Trollslayers done, so I can at least glue their heads to their bodies. They are bit tough to paint without being attached to a base, and the separate head/beard piece is what attaches to the base. I’m going to have plastic putty the lineman’s modded arm, and paint back over it, but shouldn’t be a huge deal. There are also a few models lurking about there that I tend to paint when I have leftover paint. So far it looks like I can only work on about 4 minis at a time, which means this is going to take awhile unless I start speeding up. Speaking of speed, I definitely need to fix up my workspace. I’ve had the light on one desk, palette on my computer desk, and find I keep having to pivot back and forth. Time to setup a real painting area.

I mentioned “wet palette v2″ last time around and it’s still going pretty good. Paint stays mostly wet, so I think I’m going to continue using it that way. When I tried out the ink earlier, I just put some drops in the plastic circles and noticed it did dry out much quicker than the paint that was placed on the special paper/sponge combo. It could have been just a property of the ink though. Maybe at some point I will try a comparison of paint directly on palette versus sponge/paper combo.



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