Kickstarter: Gaspez-Arts Chaos Dwarves

Kickstarter: Gaspez-Arts Chaos Dwarves

Bull Warriors by Gaspez-Arts Kickstarter!

Ok, so I have a 3rd edition set of Blood Bowl Dwarves and had just about completed getting every single member of the team. It was the one 3rd edition Games Workshop (GW)  team I had decided to keep, because I’ve always thought they looked cool with those big hats. Since I almost had every single possible player, they were also slated for painting sometime “soon”.

Then this Kickstarter comes along. Big hats, check. Unique sculpts for each mini, wow! Awesome looking hobgoblins with Mongol inspired hats, fantastic! The most awesome looking Bull Centaurs that I’ve ever seen, groovy! 32mm, that should match up perfectly with all the new GW Blood Bowl stuff I’ve been buying, check please!

Even though I don’t *need* another Chaos Dwarf team, this one just hit all the right buttons. I’m eager to see the two free Star Players unlocked, but even more eager to see the Star Bull Centaur add-on. With those three in hand, I would have everything I need for a complete Chaos Dwarf team.

I haven’t dealt with Gaspez-Arts before, but I have seen some of their minis in the past. I’d say you just can’t go wrong with these Chaos Dwarf minis!

Oh yea, and here’s a shot of one of those great Bull Centaurs from their Facebook page:

“Mama said Knock you Out!”



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