Forge World Preorder – Pitches and Tokens

Forge World Preorder – Pitches and Tokens

Up for preorder on Forgeworld today is a few items:

“Gouged Eye Doombowl Stadium – Neoprene Pitch”

“Reikland Reavers Oldbowl Stadium – Neoprene Pitch”

“Underworld Denizens Coins & Tokens”

Interestingly, the Chaos Renegades Coins & Tokens is not available yet. I was interested in the Coins & Tokens initially, but at £8 (~$10 US)…for four plastic bits that are mainly cosmetic. You only get 2 Resin Turn Markers and 2 Resin Coins for that.

I could still end up getting them if I need to tack on something extra for shipping, but chances are I’ll pass and maybe just mod my own version of the turn tracker.

I guess it is nice that the neoprene mats are available again, for those who really wanted them.

Anyone planning on picking up some of these?