Miniatures Haul

Miniatures Haul

A “miniatures haul” today. I say that in quotes, because this post is really going to be more about DICE. Those wonderful little cubes of rolly goodness, mwahahaha! No, I don’t have a problem at all.

So, a few packages have arrived. First up, I got Glart Smashrip (Sr). He looks to be an easy model to put together, and I was pretty tempted to do just that. Well, a backlog of other things, and knowing that Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones will have a really nice unboxing post on him, made me wait for now.

I also picked up an Ogre, not because I desperately needed him, but it did net me free shipping along with the (mainly) dice order.

Never offer to pick up the dinner check for these two!


Now what I’ve really been waiting for, and by wait, I bet you will notice the two already empty dice boxes, I tried to hide in the back…

Gleaming in the cubes.


Yep, all four dice preoders arrived. Funny thing, I got them yesterday and the email from GW arrived today telling me they shipped. “Systems error”. 😛

So, we have Skaven (second round) dice set, Goblins dice set, Humans (Reikland Reavers) dice set, and Orcs (Gouged Eye) dice set.

We’ll start with the Skaven….

Roll, Rats, Roll.


The first set of Skaven team dice sold out on GW’s site pretty much immediately and then fetched crazy prices on Ebay. Quite a few people were upset by this. Average price for the dice off of Ebay were from $30-$50, original price about $15. Nice markup. I never managed to pick them up, so I was glad that GW finally re-released them. There have been some questions about this round of dice versus the original set. I don’t have the originals, but people have said that the “6” symbol on the d6 is different. Also, the color might be different. I tried to get a decent pic, and the color looks to be a bit copperish. Online pics seem to be a bit more gold, but it’s hard to tell. Either way, they seem decent enough.

Dice will roll!


That’s all four new sets together. Blue – Humans, Solid Green – Orcs, Translucent Green – Skaven, and Black – Goblins. As you can see, the Goblin Black/Yellow colors are nice and really pop. I thought they would be my favorite dice of the lot.

Oh, Christmas Tree…


Well, it turns out that the new Orc dice are my favorite of the lot! I almost didn’t even buy them, because they looked sort of crappy online, and red on green is usually really hard to read. Seeing them in person, I found they aren’t hard to read, and I really like the green marble color, which reminds me of Orc skin. I could definitely see me using these with an Orc team.

The Green/White dice are the original ones from the 2016 box set. Pretty plain in comparison.



I also thought I would really like the Reikland Reavers dice (Blue and Gold). However, you can kind of see in this picture how difficult they are to read compared to the original 2016 boxed set Blue/White dice. I found them even harder to read than what you see in the pic, especially the Both Down result, I had to pick up the die to figure out what it was. I’m thinking the symbols need a wash or highlight to make them stand out. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

All in all, good stuff and it was nice box to receive. But wait…there is one more. Yep, really!

The Dice to Rule Them All.


Early last week, two sets of FUMBBL dice arrived. The black ones have been around for awhile, but the green marble ones are new. I had neither, and through the talkfantasyfootball/fumbbl forums, found out about them and managed to get myself on the list for them. Soon as word went out that the ordering list was up, I halted our camping plans to scramble to the fumbbl forum and get on the list. Think I ended up being the 30th person to post. Long story short, got the dice, and they look super nice in-person. I wasn’t too sure about the green marble, but I like them just as much as the black dice. There is also a red marble set, and I might pick those up next year or through Ebay. Wonderful looking dice and have to say a big thanks to who makes this happen.

Cheers all!



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  1. Nice write up! I didn’t go into nearly as much detail in mine. I will say that two things about the differences between the Skaven dice sets. The original set had the BB logo on the six face of the D6, and the color was WAY gold compared to the silvery bronze of the new set. Minor differences to be sure, but but definitely different.

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    1. Good to know on the Skaven dice. I (think) I’m fine with the newest set. The color is pretty nice on them and I really prefer the solid colored dice they have put out. I’ll have to read your unboxing post later. Curious what sets of dice you ended up buying too.

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