Get Yer Dice Now!

Get Yer Dice Now!

So there was a wee bit of confusion earlier this week. Games Workshop (GW) had sent an email out notifying people that the out of stock Dwarf/Skaven pitch and Dwarf dice would be available this weekend. Turns out it was a misfire of the email, and those items should be back in stock next week.

According to GW’s apology email it was due to a “systems error”. Being in I.T., I always have to shake my head when someone tries to “blame the computer”. Somebody programmed the “system” in the first place, so you can’t just blame the computer. Sheesh.



If you haven’t gotten them yet, I would definitely recommend the Dwarf Dice and the Dwarf/Skaven pitch. The Dwarf Dice are my favorites that I have seen so far. But again, those won’t be till next weekend, 7/22. (And yes, my poor Dwarf still doesn’t have any paint on him…*sigh*)

Say What?!


However, the previously out of stock Skaven Dice are now available though…but wait a second…from pics I’ve seen online (I sadly never got the Skaven Dice)…they were painted with yellow numbers/images See below:

The Ol Switcheroo


I wonder if that means the “original” Skaven Dice set will see an even greater price hike on Ebay now?

Anyways, enough with the old stuff. What about this image that says preorder and more importantly “New Dice”.

Get em now!


So even though the old stuff won’t be till next weekend, *this* weekend they have made available 4 sets of dice! A new set of dice for the Reikland Reavers team and a new set of dice for the Gouged Eye team. As well as the re-release of the Skaven dice. Plus a brand new set of Goblin dice.

“But I thought we got Human and Orc dice in the box set?”. Indeed, we did. You don’t need any of these to play, and can easily skip, if you so choose. I was planning on passing on the new Human and Orc dice….but then I failed to call the number for 1-900-Dice-Addiction. I ended up preordering all four, which left me just a little short of free shipping, so I *sigh* ordered another Ogre, that I don’t really need. I’m glad that I’m not a Warhammer player, as GW would probably have to open a vein in my arm too. Sad.

I’m glad that I was actually able to get ahold of the Goblin dice, as they are what I really wanted. I’m also glad that we seem to be past the earlier days of things immediately selling out on their website, because that was no fun.

Looking forward to sharing some pics of the dice once they land.

8 thoughts on “Get Yer Dice Now!

  1. I actually have the original Skaven dice, and I THINK they are the same. The original dice did not have yellow markings, but gold. The markings on the “new” Skaven dice still look to be gold, if a little more pale in color. I suspect that is more of a lighting issue with the pictures than them actually being a different color. I could always be wrong, but even if the marking color is a little lighter, it isn’t enough of a difference to make me buy another set.

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      1. So, it appears that the difference between this set of Skaven dice and the last set is that the last set had the BB logo on the “6” side of the standard dice, while the new set uses the Skaven logo instead. I didn’t catch that until someone pointed it out. Still not going to buy another set, though. 🙂

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  2. (still on the skaven dice subject) Aside from the different design in the “6” pip, the new skaven dice inlay color seems more “silver” than “gold” (comparing with the first skaven dice out).

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