Miniatures Haul

Miniatures Haul

A Chaos Dwarf, an Orc, and a Troll walked into a bar…oh wait, this is another Miniatures Haul update!

First off, we have the Chaos Dwarf. I don’t play Warhammer, but I’m guessing this is some sort of troop mini, Chaos Dwarf with Blunderbuss. I’m going to use him (like many before me have) for a conversion. The Chaos Dwarf Star Player “Zzharg Madeye” has a blunderbuss like rifle that he shoots footballs from, so this should work out perfectly.

While scoping out the Chaos Dwarf Warhammer minis, I notice there are basically two poses. The other stance is a more interesting firing pose. I looked at that one, but ultimately decided it would be a bit confusing trying to determine which side to lay down. In Blood Bowl, you usually signify a “knockdown” result by laying the figure on his back (with his front facing up). If there is a “stun” result, the player is out for two turns, which is signified by placing the mini on it’s front. The next turn, you would flip the mini over to it’s back (un-stunning them), and then the following turn, you could stand him up from the knockdown. It’s interesting all the little tricks that experienced Blood Bowl players use. I’ve found it sometimes difficult to school new players into these habits. Might be a good post someday. At any rate, it almost made me think about the way that minis are made, and how Blood Bowl minis really have to be posed a certain way to distinguish a front/back side that you can flip the mini onto.

Is that thing legal?!

There were also a few different hat options, so I tried to go with one that wasn’t represented by the other Blood Bowl (BB) Chaos Dwarfs, so he stands out a bit. Other than adding a football sticking out of the blunderbuss, I might try to green stuff a ‘mad-eye’ eyeball to more closely match his namesake.

I added some pics with him next to a Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf and a new BB2016 Dwarf Runner. The old chaos Dwarfs look kinda ‘Hobbit-sized’ next to the new minis, but I think I’m okay with that. Still hoping that GW doesn’t end up releasing a new set of Chaos Dwarfs that I completely fall for, as I really want to keep this old team. The Chaos Dwarfs are so far my one allotted hold out of the old GW team minis.  *sniff, sniff, choke*

Speaking of old minis, I much prefer the Willy Miniatures Trolls over the new one. Mainly because of the pose of the new GW Troll, which I detest more and more every time I look at it. Trying to reposition the arm, sadly didn’t make it any better. So I’m going Willy on my Trolls.

I was big, before big was cool!

He’s a really nice sized Troll, and might be larger than the last Willy Troll I picked up. The blue globs on the Troll, are where I tried to blue tack him together temporarily for the picture. It was really difficult to keep him together long enough for a picture, and I think due to the size of the mini, I will end up pinning him together for stability.

Since he does seem to be larger, I will likely use him for the Troll Star Player “Ripper Bolgrot”.

Did you say “Bolgrot”!?

Totally unintentional, but I also picked up the Orc Chainsaw Star Player “Ugroth Bolgrot”!  There is a nice bit of fluff in the rulebook about them both having the same last name. Anyways, I got both the Troll and the Orc from Impact Miniatures, always nice. With Ugroth, I was a little worried that he might be shorter than the new BB16 Orcs, since he is a little older mini. Lining him up though, looks like he is perfect size and will look nice next to the rest of the team. Thank goodness for those large Willy miniatures! Willy miniatures had a recent Kickstarter which also included a new “Ugrot Orcsaw” mini. While it’s cool, I think I’m still partial to this particular model. I imagine Willy is going to sucker me in on a future Kickstarter sometime soon, so we’ll see what I end up getting at that point.

All in all, a nice score of models. Three Star Players added to my collection, which just about wraps up all of the minis I need for Orc and Chaos Dwarf teams. I figure it will be nice to paint up the Star Players at the same time as the teams, so they look similar enough. Now I just need to find more hobby time!