Kickstarter: Impact!

Kickstarter: Impact!


New Kickstarter from Impact! miniatures. Dark, Wood, or Pro Elf teams for $49.

Impact! miniatures Elf Team Kickstarter

I kinda like some of the models. The upside down ones are a little crazy, but so are those Agi 4 Elves! I also backed Impact’s last Kickstarter for some Elves, so I’m kind of full on Elves for the moment. Likely I will look for some individual models if they are offered that way later.

Kinda curious what people think of the Treeman. I’ve never seen one like that before.

Treeman? Earthman?


2 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Impact!

  1. I’ve owned both the Dark Elf team and the wood elves. The poses of the Dark Elves I found to be the best of the bunch. Some of the models of the wood elves were split at the waist which never seemed to line up when I put them together. I imagine with resin over metal it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. As for the treeman, I thought he was okay, not fantastic.

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    1. Thanks James, good to know about the split waists. I backed an earlier Kickstarter with 32mm Amazons, Elves, etc. I chose a multipurpose Elf team and then I can decide whether I want to go Dark or Pro with them.


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