Miniatures Haul

Miniatures Haul

Not a big update on the miniatures haul today, but always nice to get some stuff in the mail. First off, been working on gathering all the minis I would need to fully flesh out a Chaos Dwarf team.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m mainly going with all new Games Workshop (GW) 32mm minis for my teams. I’ve really liked what they put out so far, even better than the older 2E, 3E, etc. minis. I’ve also been picking up Willy miniatures, as they have putting out 32mm minis for a long time now, and frankly, they are really nice (metal) minis.

The one exception so far, is Chaos Dwarfs. I love those silly hats on the old GW Chaos Dwarf models. I guess you either love them or hate them. They don’t look too terribly small scale wise. So I’ve been planning on keeping them, at least until something new comes along that totally blows them out of the water.

Ok, okay, minis in the mail! I have all the Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs I need, I just need a Hobgoblin Star “Rashnak Backstabber”. Most people have used a Warhammer Hobgoblin with big knives. Works well enough for me. Watched Ebay a bit, and then tracked one down.



Looks decent size next to the new GW mini too:


Now sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. GW never made a regular Bull Centaur for the Chaos Dwarf team, so most people use alternative minis or multiple Hthark the Unstoppable Star Players. I could go the multiple route, and/or customize a Hthark. While browsing Ebay one night I came across a decent Bull Centaur though. From China, not really good rating…do I take a chance? Why not..the seller removed the bull centaur pic a few days after I purchased, which made me pretty nervous. However, it did end up showing up, so no worries about the seller.

Opening it up, I quickly noticed the scale is “gigantic”! I tried blue tacking it together, just to make sure. Yea, know way. I also noticed the release agent on the resin was really strong. First time I’ve ever really ran into it. Wash those hands, wash those hands! I’m not sure if I will try to send him back or just Ebay him, but too bad. Here’s Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Taur’ruk, next to the kinda big (in his own head) Hthark the Unstoppable!

“Hello, Daddy?”



Since I’m also getting the painting/collecting/blood bowl fever….I decided to buy some new brushes. I’m not even sure when the last time I bought brushes! I’ve been using the same set for probably 20 years. Granted, I don’t paint a lot.  I might get time to use them later today and will let you all know how they turned out.

Decent reviews on Amazon, why not?


Inside the shiny, foil box…


Close-up of the tips. Sure looks nice!


4 thoughts on “Miniatures Haul

  1. Man, that Bull Centaur is HOLY CRAP big… I recently picked up the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarves from the Made to Order program and I’m very glad I did. They were my favorite team that I just never got around to picking up. I bought two Hthark minis, but plan to make a few changes to one in order to make them more individual.

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    1. I double checked and it looks like I only have two Htharks. One, I recently bought through Made to Order. I’ll likely customize one so they don’t both look the same. Not sure if I’ll keep one as Hthark or eventually find an alternative mini for Hthark. Honestly, they are not our favorite team to play, so I’m in no hurry.

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      1. They are VERY competitive in tournaments. I have placed really high every time I have played them in regional tourneys, including a 1st place win. Never played them with 2 Bull Centaurs and a Hthark, though. You might get by with just leaving one of them vanilla and doing a little mod work on the other. I got a couple of extra Blockers, so I was thinking about a hat swap… Maybe even bending the legs of one to have him rearing up on his hind legs. I saw a Hthark that someone else positioned that way and it looked really sweet.

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        1. I think the main issue is that they aren’t as straightforward as some teams. I would certainly consider trying them out though. I’ve seen them all over Cyanide, for sure. Rearing up pose would be a good move. I have an extra blocker that I picked up for either a hat or upper torso swap. I still think I’ll pick up an alt mini someday for Hthark though or maybe even a new GW one when they come out.


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