Miniatures haul

Miniatures haul

Package arrived yesterday from Impact! Miniatures (link to your right, no, your other right). If you live in the U.S.A. like myself, Impact! Miniatures is really THE online store for your addiction Fantasy Football collection needs.

Thomas Anders (aka Galak Starscraper) runs the site, and offers quite the assortment of alternative (non-Games Workshop) miniatures. If you google his name, I’m sure you can find out all about his history with GW and the game he created called “Elfball”. Great guy,  awesome minis. Nuff said.

Well, one more thing to say “Willy miniatures”. The new Blood Bowl (BB) miniatures from Games Workshop  (GW) are in the 32mm scale, meaning they are bigger than the previously released miniatures, which were around 28mm scale. Back when I had the original GW miniatures, I avoided the Willy minis, because they just looked too big next to the BB minis at the time. Oh, how the tables have turned. Now that I’m using the new BB minis, I’ve found myself trying to find bigger miniatures, when I need something better or something that GW hasn’t produced yet. So, poking around on the Impact! site, I found the Willy minis. I emailed Tom and he confirmed that they would be around the same scale. Me being me, I was still a little skeptical, but placed the order, because Tom knows his stuff.

Ok, enough of that, let’s get to some pictures. I blue-tacked some of the pieces together quickly, just so I could snap some shots. So that’s what the odd blue stuff is, you might see in some of the shots.

First up we have the Willy Human w/ Chainsaw (center figure).


Really nice looking sculpt, and the first chainsaw guy I’ve had, other than the Goblins. I look forward to picking up the Willy Orc w/Chainsaw sometime soon. The blue guys are the new GW Humans. Yea, the catcher has a metal hand, because I hate figures carrying the ball unless they are the thrower. So I lopped it off and gave him a ‘proper catching mitt’.  The Chainsaw Human does look a tiny bit smaller than his brothers. I might add a little lift under his feet and cover up with some terrain. Will see how picky I am when I get around to working on the Human team.

Next up, we have the Willy Dwarf Star Player (center figure)


This was the one I was most worried about, as the Dwarves are the team I am working hard to get finished. There he is next to some of the new GW Dwarfs. Yea, I primed them brown, and that’s probably a tale for another day. Anyways, I was really happy with him. He’s beefy, has big hair, just like Grim Irontooth should. My only nitpick, is that I’m not crazy about the pantaloons. I could file those down to be smooth or maybe switch out his legs. Haven’t decided yet.

Willy Dwarf Star Player  (center) next to the GW Troll Slayers


Grim looks a little smaller here, because of the ‘leaping’ (flying beard) pose on the GW Troll Slayers. I kind of like that he has a standing pose, as it separates him from the other Troll Slayers. I thought about hacking off his legs and giving him Troll Slayer legs at one point, but the more I think about it, the more I like him as is.

Lastly, Willy Troll #1 (center figure)


I wasn’t really sure I would like this guy, but he was the best looking troll I saw on the site (and I need some more trolls!). I figured if nothing else, I would use him for Underworld Denizens or something. Once I tacked him up and set him beside the new GW Troll, I immediately regretted purchasing the GW Troll. I’ll likely review the GW Troll later, but I have to say that I’m really happy with the Willy Troll overall. I can see myself buying more Willy trolls in the near future to round out my teams.

Height-wise he is about perfect, nearly shoulder to shoulder with the new GW Troll. Nice amount of detail, and a good pose. Will be interesting to see how he paints up.

Wrap Up

All in all, really happy with these purchases. Big thanks to Impact! miniatures and Willy Miniatures. I’m definitely a Willy fan now and it’s a nice bonus that these are metal minis. If you’re looking for a place to buy minis online in the ‘States and want something in 32mm scale, definitely check out the Willy Miniatures section of Impact! Miniatures (link to the right, no, your other right). Oh, and if you are a lucky bastard from overseas, enjoy all the Blood Bowl goodness you can get your hands on, because you’re lucky bastards.


4 thoughts on “Miniatures haul

  1. Yeah, I have a different one of the Willy Trolls. They are really nice, for sure.
    On a side note, I thought it was Phil from the original Phil’s Phigs who create Elfball. When Phil closed up shop, Tom bought his molds and continued to produce his old miniatures under the Impact! brand… I could easily be mistaken, though. 🙂

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        1. Phil’s Phigs had the original Chaos All-Star team, right? I wish I had gotten into Blood Bowl earlier so that I knew more of the history, but I’ve only been around since 3e.

          That troll is pretty nice too. If I can’t track down the SP one, I might get that instead.


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