BBTM: Undead rule, Dwarves suck.

BBTM: Undead rule, Dwarves suck.

Ended up playing Blood Bowl Team Manager at our boardgame night, last night. It’s been probably close to a year since I last played, and there was a lot of rules refreshing. Mainly because we were including different expansions and had two new players.

I traded the Undead team to someone else, for Dwarves. I thought I wanted a challenge, and usually play Undead and always win. Yes, Dwarves are indeed a challenge! No Sprint skill, no Pass except on 1 guy, and Star Player power is all 3 or less. Compared to Wood Elves, with lots of Pass and Sprint. Or the Undead who start with a 4 Star Power player.

My team was further hampered by being the last player in turn order, and I was completely shut out of any chance to get a Star Player draw in the first turn. Undead coach got a Star Player on the first turn, ouch. Wood Elf coach picked up the Dwarven Death Roller, another ouch. The Dark Elf coach eventually got one too.

All in all, it reminded me of how fun the game can be. Even if I sometimes feel like it’s ‘Blood Bowl Lite’. The other coaches kept making 1 die blocks, and the little voice in my head kept screaming at them “Never make a 1 die block in Blood Bowl!! Never!!!”. I’ll definitely have to do a comparison post between Blood Bowl tabletop and Blood Bowl: Team Manager some day.

I’ve seen some debates that the Undead in Team Manager are overpowered compared to other teams. I think that the base teams are a little underpowered due to their lack of ‘downed’ skills. Thoughts? What are some people’s favorite teams in BB: Team Manager?